Iron County, Utah LDS Church Stakes and Wards

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  Stakes in Juab County, 1930

  • Parowan Stake, Utah[1]
    • Stake Boundaries Located in the south end of Little Salt Lake Valley, 19 miles northeast of Cedar City, 35 miles southeast of Beaver, and 270 miles by nearest road southeast of Salt Lake City.
    • Wards, 1930: Cedar 1st, Cedar 2nd, Cedar 3rd, Enoch, Harmony, Kanarra, Newcastle, Paragonah, Parowan East, Parowan West, Pinto and Summit.

Alpha list of wards in the county

Click on a ward below for records at the FamilySearch Library. For boundaries and a history timeline for a ward, click to the 1930 stake (list above).


  1. Jenson, Andrew. Encyclopedic History of the Church. (Salt Lake City: Deseret News, 1941). p. 641-643