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Insane Asylum Records in the United States

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Don’t overlook insane asylum records in the search for missing ancestors. In the 1800s, and even later, many people were confined to such intuitions simply because they were disobedient wives or children. Others might have been depressed, alcoholic, menopausal, or individuals who were considered different than the accepted standards of normal for the community or time in which they lived. Some of course were ill and did need treatment. Whatever the cause of  confinement, insane asylum patient  records can be useful for genealogical research.

The records contained here are from 1930 state indexes.  Entries are listed alphabetically. The indexes give the inmate’s name, date of birth, and place of birth.


Colorado State Hospital for the Insane, 1930 Index of Patients

 A-B  C-D  E-G  H-J  K-L  M-N O-R  S  T-Z


 Delaware State Hospital for the Insane, Surnames A-J

1930 Index of Prisoners


South Idaho Insane Asylum

1930 Index of Inmates.


West Virginia State Hospital For Colored Insane

1930 Index of Prisoners


Clark County Insane Asylum

1930 Index of Inmates 

 La Crosse County Insane Asylum

1930 Index of Inmates


US Veterans Hospital 1930 Index of Insane Patients

Patient Surnames A-M

Patient Surnames M-Z