Indians of Connecticut

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The word Connecticut comes from the Indian word Quinnehtukqut meaning "beside the long tidal river"

Tribes and Bands of Connecticut

The following list of tribes is compiled from:

  • Hodge, Frederick Webb. Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Washington D.C. Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of Ethnology. Bulletin #30 1907.
  • Swanton, John R. The Indian Tribes of North America.Smithsonian Institution Bureau of Ethnology, Bulletin #145.

Tribes and Bands

Hammonassetts, Mahican, Mohegan, Nehanticks, Narraganset, Niantic, Nipmuc, Nipnet or Nipmucks, Paugussett, Pequannock, Pequot, Podunk, Ponus, Quiripeys or Quinnipiac, Sachem, Schaghticoke, Sachemdom or Montewese, Wangum, Wongunk, Wappinger, Wasc-ssux, Wepawaugs, Winnipiacs

Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe

Mashantucket Pequot

Mohegan Tribe

Golden Hill Paugussett tribe

Paugesset Pequot

Schaghticoke Tribe

Western Pequot

New England Confederation: Paugussett, Naugatucks, Pootatuck, Wepawaug and Pequannock

Reservations and Agencies

Corun Hill Reservation (1680 in Huntington)

Eastern Pequot Reservation

Golden Hill Reservation (1650's near Statford)

Mashantucker Reservation (State, 1667 for Western Pequot's)

Paucatuch Reservation (Eastern Pequot)

Pequot Reservation (State, Tribes: Pequot and Mohegan in Fairfield and New London Counties)

Schaghticoke Reservation (near Kent)

Turkey Hill Reservation (1674)


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