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Learn Why We Create Stories

Write Stories About Your Ancestors!

Stories that help us relate to the lives of our living and deceased family members. They had their life experiences, challenges, successes, talents, and such that we also can learn from. We begin to know and understand them as well as become closer to them.

Can you imagine if the 15-20+ grandchildren each wrote a few "memories" or stories about their grandfather and put these into FamilySearch? With 50+ memories about him, his posterity can begin to better understand his life and will grow to emotionally connect with him.

To see some actual examples of "memories" of ancestors written as a story with an attached photograph, click on the links below.

View Example #1 View Example #2

Write Stories About Your OWN Personal Life!

We also have our own heritage, our life challenges and successes that we need to share with our posterity. We should be active in preserving our thoughts, stories, and testimonies for our posterity to remember us by.

Take some time to write some brief memories about your life experiences, and then SHARE them with your posterity. Along with the story, share your testimony, feelings, or life insights with them as well.

To see some actual examples of current day personal "memories" written as a story with an attached photograph, click on the links below.

View Example #1 View Example #2

How Do I Create Stories and Add Them to FamilyTree?

There are many different ways to create a story about a family member (living or deceased). Stories (or memories) are much easier to write down in contrast to personal histories that seem to forever need new additions, revisions, etc. Creating a story on FamilySearch is so easy and quick to add. What is great about FamilySearch stories is the ability to add photos (up to 10) to the story and then SHARE that story with other family members, old and young, with just a URL or link.

Reviewing old photographs while growing up will often bring back memories about past life experiences with an ancestor or cousin. Scan the photo, upload it to Family Tree, and then write a small story about the experience you remember. It does not have to be very long, maybe a few paragraphs. When I write a story, I often like to add a small paragraph that teaches a life principle to those who read the story.

We have classes here at the library on the FamilyTree Gallery and how to add these memories. Of course, we are also very willing to sit down with you one-on-one and show you how this is done. Explore the links below to help you get started and do some Google searches as well on creating stories.

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