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Working With Images

Photos, Slide, Negatives

"Digitizing" is the process of converting your photos, negatives, and slides into a digital format where they can be stored and viewed on computers, as well as easily shared with others.

Getting your photos into a digital format is not hard, though it may take some time to do so. Our library can help you get started.

Step #1

You will need different types of scanners depending on the type of media you want to digitize. There are rapid photo scanners that can scan a stack of photos in a a minute or so. Most people know about flatbed scanners, and these can work well, but will take quite a bit more time to scan photos. There are a variety of different types of slide scanners, which can typically scan negatives as well.

Come by our library and we can help you better understand how this all works. We have 3 computers with a fast photo scanner, and a flatbed scanner attached to each. We also have 3 slide/negative scanners as well. Please be sure to reserve these before you come in.

Handout on Types of Scanners and Scanning Tips

Step #2

This next step is optional and many folks just feel that getting their images scanned is all they want to do. However not all the images you scan are going to be of good quality, and some basic (or extensive editing in some cases) will be needed to improve the overall quality of the digital image.

There are basically two different levels of "fixing" up photographs, the first level being color and light correction. These are very easily done and anyone can learn them quickly. The second level is that of more "restorative editing". The skills needed to do this can be learned with practice over time, and are best done with someone helping you to do so. We would be glad to show you how to learn these skills. Click to View a Few Examples of Photo Editing Results

We are currently in the process of rewriting our photo editing tutorials to reflect each of the two different levels of editing. Come by in the meantime and ask for some help in photo editing.

[Handout Coming Soon]