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When using the International Genealogical Index, also known by the acronym 'IGI', one will often find a number associated with the entry. This is the 'batch number' indicating the source type of the record or records created in preparing the information for inclusion in the IGI, especially after the LDS ordinances were completed.

Often it can lead to sources for additional information. Some information was gathered from extracting data from microfilms, while other data is from LDS member submissions and the forms used for those. The prefixes in the table below are found as part of the batch number you see with the IGI record for that individual.

After 1991, LDS member submission information was not recorded, so all one has is the name and date information, the film containing the temple record shows little more than what you see on the IGI entry for the individual.

Batch Batch Description Locating the Source
A------ Archive Sealing. Extracted from Family Group Records Collection, Archive Section, or other temple records.
If the IGI sealing date is after 1941: Search the microfilms of the Archive Section of the Family Group Record Collection alphabetically under the husband's name. If the IGI sealing date is before 1942: use the Source Call No. (a microfilm in in Special Collections [restricted access] arranged by the date of the sealing).[1]
C------ Christening or birth record extraction. Names originally from lists of christenings or births in geographic areas, frequently from Parish and Vital Records. The Source Call No. is the book or microfilm call number at the Family History Libray that was the original source. Usually arranged by the date of the christening or birth.[2]
D------ Suspended File. Ordinances delayed for several years. These D------ batch numbers only appear on Patron Notification letters and are accompanied by a different batch number. The accompanying batch number can be used to trace the original source ofthe information.[3]
E------ Early marriage record extraction used for proxy baptisms and endowments. To find the call number for the source marriage record of an E------ batch entry, look under the M------ batch number in the IGI Batch Number Index and find the matching M------ batch number. For example, to find the source call number for batch E005361, look under batch M005361.[4]
F Family Entry. Patron submitted family group records. Some dates or places are estimates.
H Ward Record or Deceased Members File of LDS Church. Some ordinances may have been repeated by proxy.
I Index
J Birth or christening extraction
K Birth or christening extraction
L Temple originated
M Marriage extraction
M17 Sealing extractions from Family Group Records
P Birth or christening extraction
T000001 Manual 110 year file from Family Group Records Collection, Archive Section
T000011 Temple Index Bureau (TIB) conversion
T5 Manual 110 year file
T90 Temple Originated Family Group Record taken to a temple by a living child, sibling,
or parent of person for whom the ordinance was performed.
T96 Supplemental extries. Information added to the IGI to clarify another entry.
T990001 Either royalty, nobility, peerage, and Medieval (pre 1501) families, or special handling.
T9900076 Either royalty, nobility, peerage, and Medieval (pre 1501) families, or special handling.
T998 Partially completed ordinances. For persons who previously had some LDS ordinances completed, or were entered on the same entry form as such persons.
T9990 Same as above
T9991 Special Services cases
All Digits Entries submitted by individual genealogists, often relatives of the person in the entry.
0 Temple Service Center entries, usually in the native language
694 Early LDS membership records. From early ward, branch, and mission records.
Baptism may have been repeated by proxy.
6940405 Minnie Margett's Membership Card Index
69407 Scandinavian LDS Membership Card Index
69409 Archive entry lacking ordinances
696 Special Services
725 Gibson's Marriage Index
744 Nordic and others
745 Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire extraction projects
766 Special Services project
8-4---- Polynesian Family Entry
8-5---- Tuttle project
8-6---- Family Entry with minimum identification


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