How to Find Birth Information in Utah

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Looking for a birth certificate for an ancestor might seem like the first place to start your genealogical research, but no government agencies in Utah were required by law to record birth before 1898. Though not required to do so, Salt Lake City and Ogden began registering births in 1890 and Park City began registering births in 1892. [1] State registration of births began in 1905 and generally complied with by 1917. During the time period from 1898 to 1905 or later, you may wish to search individual county records. See Utah Vital Records.

Birth records are considered confidential for a period of 100 years so access to more recent records may require proof that you are a direct descendant of the person whose record you seek. To obtain more recent birth records in Utah see "Obtaining Birth Records Research Guide" from the Utah State Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Records.

Fortunately, there are many other record sources that contain birth information besides official state birth certificates. Some birth records are filmed and/or digitized and part of [1]]'s Historical Record Collections. To check the availability of birth records in a particular state, go the vital records wiki pages for that state. In addition you may browse or search the FamilySearch Historical Record Collections].

FamilySearch Collections This article describes a collection of records that is available for free online at FamilySearch.

  Access and search the records: Historical Record Collections .

You may also search either by topic or geographic location in the Family History Library catalog.

Sources for Birth Records


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