How Youth Can Get involved in Family History

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Learning how to do family history is easy enough.  Regularly doing it is a bit harder.  Finding time to do this as a teenager in this world is definitely difficult.  Most times, youth are so busy that they don’t take time to get to know an old friend from generations back.  There are many ways for youth to get started on family history.  

There are those days when youth have empty time and wish to be doing something useful; these are the days when you pull up a chair and start researching your ancestors.  Go to grandparents and ask for information about their ancestors.  It’s really quite simple to get started.  If a teen thinks it’s strange to do family history, well, it’s not only for Grandma!  

Family history is not a one-time thing.   It’s just that first time—and then it’s easier to do more every time after that.   Don’t worry—you don’t turn into Grandma by doing family history.  In fact, most people and other youth are impressed by youth making time to find out more about their family.