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The Hopi Tribe is primarily associated with the state of Arizona[1]. The Tribe was originally referred to as the "Moqui" or "Moki" Indians, although this term applied to most of the pueblo Indians of what is now northern Arizona and northern New Mexico.[2]

Ancestral homeland: First Mesa, Second Mesa and Third Mesa all part of the Black Mesa on the Colorado Plateau between the Colorado River and the Rio Grande.

Clans: Snake, Badger, and Antelope

Population: 1990: 7,300

Tribal Headquarters

Hopi Tribe
P.O. Box 123
Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039
Phone: 1.928.734.3100
Fax: 1.928.734.6665

The Official Website of the Hopi Tribe


Brief Timeline

  • 1583: Spanish explorer, Antonio de Espejo
  • 1598: Juan de Onate and men, had the Hopi swear allegiance to the Spanish Crown
  • 1629: First missionaries encountered the tribe
  • 1680: Pueblo Rebellion occured when the Spanish tried to eliminate all Kachina worship.
  • 1700: Hopi traditionalist killed all the Christian men in Awatovi and destroyed the village. Many living in Awatovi had converted to Catholic faith.
  • 1882: Hopi Reservation established

Additional References to the History of the Tribe and/or Band


Hopi Tribe, Arizona (Reservation)

First Mesa

  • Walpi
  • Sichomovi
  • Hano

Second Mesa

  • Shungopovi
  • Mishongnovi
  • Shipaulovi

Third Mesa

  • Oraibi
  • New Oraibi
  • Hotevilla
  • Bakabi
  • Upper and Lower Moenkopi

The Hopi Tribe was under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Superintendency

Additional References to the History of the Tribe and/or Band


Correspondence and Census

Tribe Agency Location of Original Records

Pre-1880 Correspondence

M234 RG 75 Rolls 962

Roll Numbers




Post-1885 Census

M595 RG 75 Rolls 693

Roll Numbers




Hopi Hopi Agency, 1910-56 Los Angeles - - Rolls 188-95 576876-884
Hopi Western Navajo Agency, 1902-17 Los Angeles - - Rolls 640-45 583099-104

Land Records

All land is tribally owned,  2,472,254.26 acres

Vital Records

Important Web Sites


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