Homedale, Owyhee County, Idaho Genealogy

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United States Gotoarrow.png Idaho Gotoarrow.png Owyhee County Gotoarrow.png Homedale

Quick Facts

Geographic location:

Homedale is a small farming community and city in the northwestern corner of Owyhee County, Idaho. When studying the community of Homedale, it is important to consider the communities of Central Cove, Fargo, Sunny Slope, and Wilder -- all across the Snake River in Canyon County, as part of the Homedale community. Many of the children from these Canyon County locations went to Homedale schools; at the County Fair, which is held in Homedale each summer, these communities often participate; and many from these Canyon County communities attend church in Homedale.

City Hall

Homedale City Hall
31 West Wyoming Ave.
P.O. Box 757
Homedale, ID 83628
Ph. (208)337-4641
Fax (208)337-5904




Homedale has no cemetery within its city boundaries. Early settlers were often buried in the Wilder Cemetery in Canyon County or in the cemeteries in Caldwell or Nampa, also in Canyon County. A new cemetery was established in the 1960s, located about half-way between Homedale and Marsing, called the Marsing-Homedale Cemetery. Many of the former residents of the Homedale area are now buried there.

Church History and Records

Assembly of God
15 W Montana Ave
Homedale, ID 83628-3223
Ph. 208-337-4458
Bible Missionary Church
Iglesia Misionera Biblica
132 E. Owyhee Ave.
Homedale, ID 83628-3227
Ph. 208-337-5975
St. Hubert's Catholic Church
101 E. Owyhee Ave.
Homedale, ID 83628-3227
Ph. 208-337-3153
Christian Church
110 W Montana Ave.
Homedale, ID 83628-3200
Ph. 208-337-3626
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Homedale 1st Ward
Homedale 2nd Ward
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church
621 West Idaho Ave.
Homedale, ID 83628
Ph. 208-337-4248
First Presbyterian Church
320 N 6th St. W.
Homedale, ID 83628-0577
Ph. 208-337-3060
Seventh Day Adventist Church
16613 Garnet Rd.
Wilder, ID 83676
located across the Snake River in Canyon County
Society of Friends
Friends Community Church
17434 Highway 95
Wilder, ID 83676-5704
Ph. 208-337-3464
Located across the Snake River in Canyon County


The Idaho State Archives has a collection of city, county, state and regional directories


A brief history of Homedale is available online at the city's website.

Two histories of Homedale, profusely illustrated with historic black-and-white photographs, have been gathered and edited by Norma Parvin Walker. Both were privately printed by Mrs. Walker, and are now out-of-print. Copies are in the research libraries of the Idaho State Archives in Boise and the Owyhee County Historical Society Museum in Murphy, Idaho:

  • Homedale Hodgepodge, Homedale, Idaho: summer of 1989.
  • Homedale Scenes Revisited, Homedale, Idaho: Dec. 2000.


Homedale Public Library
125 West Owyhee Ave.
P.O. Box 1087
Homedale, ID 83628-1087
Ph. (208)337-4228


Google Map of Homedale



Owyhee Avalanche
P.O. Box 217
Homedale, ID 83628
Ph. (208)337-4681
email - rob@owyhee.com


Several newspapers have been published in Homedale. Copies of the following are included in the collections of the Idaho State Archives in Boise.

Homedale Empire Press -- 12 Feb. 1914 through 24 Nov. 1922
Homedale Empire Press -- issues of 2 Sep. 1915, 9 Sep. 1915, 14 Oct. 1915, and 28 Aug. 1919
Owyhee Chronicle -- 30 Apr. 1931 through 26 Dec. 1984
Homedale News -- 13 Aug. 1948 and 20 Aug. 1948
Owyhee County -- issues of Nov. 1956 and Nov. 1958
Owyhee Chronicle -- 28 Jan. 1971 through 6 Dec. 1979
Owyhee Avalanche -- 2 Jan. 1985 to present


Homedale High School
203 East Idaho Avenue
Homedale, ID 83627-3216
Ph. (208)337-4613

School Records

The Idaho State Archives has a copy of the Homedale High School yearbook, called The Pioneer, for 1940-1941.


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