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There are various groups and forums dedicated to genealogy online. On this page Hispanic Genealogy Groups and Forums Online en Español you will find a list of various groups from various Latin American countries and Spain. This list also has names of various groups dedicated to other genealogical subjects such as DNA, surnames, and ethnic groups. Some of these groups are private and require you to be a member of the group in order to participate. Normally the requirements are not very strict and anyone can be a member. These requirements vary by group. If you have questions about a group, write directly to them using their contact information found on their respective pages.

Please note that the principal language of the majority of these groups is Spanish. While some members may speak English, it would be helpful to try to communicate in Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish, or don’t have a friend that does, you may want to try an online translation site such as Google translate.


Central America


Europe, not including Spain


South America


Hispanic Genealogy

It is possible to find other genealogy groups by searching in Google or any other online search engine using the words “genealogy groups in [insert the name of the place]” or “family history groups in [insert the name of place]”. You will have better results in finding Hispanic groups if you search using the same phrases but in Spanish. For example, “grupos de genealogía de [insert the name of the place]” or “grupos de historia familiar de [insert the name of the place]”. You can also form a group on this site Google Groups.