Hill 57

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Hill 57 is a location on the outskirts of Great Falls, Mt. It is the home of around 8 or 9 Chippewa Indian families at the current time. However, earlier in the 20th century, Hill 57 had a Chippewa population of several hundred. That changed after Denise Hortense Tolan tried to help the Chippewa Indians living at Hill 57. After Tolan's efforts to improve the living conditions of the Hill 57 Chippewa's, their population was reduced from close to 300 in 1950, to only around 15 to 20 now. Hill 57 was not the only location in Great Falls where the Chippewa's lived but it did have the largest Chippewa population. After the Chippewa's were forced to relocate to the Blackfeet Reservation in 1909, many became upset about the land allotted to them and under chief Penato they fled the Reservation. Many fled back to the Great Falls region where they took up residence at the Chippewa settlements in the Great Falls region. Most settled around Hill 57. Many others settled where the oil refinery in Great Falls is now and just to the north. They were forced to relocate years later. They relocated to Hill 57, which is a few miles to the west. After Rocky Boy Reservation was established in 1916, an inspection of the rolls to determine what Indians would settle down on the new Reservation, anywhere from near 100 to around 300, were forced off of Rocky Boy Reservation rolls. About 100 of the Chippewa's fled to the Great Falls region where they settled primarily at Hill 57.  Around 1933 and 1935, the United States alloted 5 acre plots of land to each Chippewa family living at Hill 57. At the time, around 70 or more Chippewa families were living at Hill 57. Close to 400 acres was allotted.  In August of 1950, the United States authorized the sale of a tract of land known as the Great Falls Subsistence Homestead acquired in 1935, to the highest bidder. The purpose of the land sale was to raise money in order to purchase land near Rocky Boy Reservation for the Hill 57 Chippewa's. The land would then beome a part of Rocky Boy Reservation. It was approved on August 18, 1950.