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Beginning Contributors are needed

Building the Wiki could be compared to a barn raising.

A barn raising is accomplished with volunteers of all expertise levels -- from total beginners to master craftsmen. Of course a barn raising needs an architect and an engineer -- people who know how to design the building and what materials to use to make it durable. The project also requires master craftsmen who know how to read the plans and craft the joints that will hold the posts and beams together. Some less-skilled carpenters are needed for things like flooring, siding, and roofing. Many strong, cooperative people are needed to raise the walls with ropes and pikes. Finally, a crowd of people are needed to provide the flow of food, drink, and other items that will help sustain the laborers as they work.

Like a physical barn raising, a wiki barn raising needs a variety of people. While it requires experts who can design the information architecture, the look and feel of the content section, the elements of a good article, and the way in which the various pages will interlink, it also needs folks who can do research for good record sources, find information already on the Internet regarding a topic, correct spelling mistakes and grammar, add headings to articles, transfer information from other sources to the wiki, and many other tasks. Whatever your expertise level, there's a place for you in a wiki barn raising.

What tasks could a beginning contributor do?

Start simple.  

  • Look at pages in the Wiki that could use some TLC, such as Stubs.  There might be a section in a Stub article that you could enhance by adding content, or even just spell checking.
  • Are you interested in a specific locality?  Could you use your expertise to add content to pages in that locality that are in a specific section of the article, such as cemeteries?
  • Look at County pages.  Is there something specific that is missing from several of them?