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Changes to this page

I have heard comments about this Tour page and that when people get to the page, it's not what they expected to see. There is a lot of "how to get help" information here, but not enough of a "Tour" to tell you about the wiki. 

I have a few suggestions so that this page can be a little more focused to what the Wiki is all about and downplay the need for getting help - after all, the Wiki is of itself a self-help tool, and we should encourage users to to use it as a researcher; you don't need that much help in the beginning. You need the help later as you get more in depth into researching your family.

That said, here are some thoughts. We'd start by breaking the pages up into four main sections:

  • Getting Started - add links to more getting started materials, search helps, etc., and reword to take away the idea that you need help from community members.
  • How to do Genealogy Research - move the “How to Research” section up higher on the page
  • Research Forums – here is where we will talk more about getting help and refer researchers to the Forums
  • Contribute to the Wiki – talk about contributing and link to the Edit/Contribute page and to the Community Center

What do you think?

janellv 23:27, 7 February 2011 (UTC)

Ok all, here is a potential new version of the Wiki Tour - what do you think? --janellv 23:41, 24 February 2011 (UTC)