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== Page title  ==
== Together we can find our ancestors!  ==
I believe that this page is more about the Navigation of the wiki and should be named differently, perhaps, Help:Wiki Navigation?
The FamilySearch Wiki has '''{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} pages''' about records, [[Browse by Country|localities]], [[:Category:Contents|subjects]] and [[Portal:Get started with this site|methods]] that can help you find your ancestors. Articles are written by [[Community Center|community]] members like you, working together to create an online-library of information which will eventually enable all members of the community to discover precious details about their families. From the novice to the professional, everyone knows something that can [[Help:Edit and Contribute|help someone else]]. As we work together, we will find our ancestors!
(Note - the previous versions of this talk page were used like a Sandbox page, so I deleted the contents of the page as it was confusing.) -- [[User:VasquezJL|janellv]] {{toolbar|[[User talk:VasquezJL|talk]]|[[Special:Contributions/VasquezJL|contribs]]}} 15:29, 20 September 2011 (UTC)
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sorry Janell I should have made my comment on this page not your talk page but here. [[User:HoleDL|Dawne]] 17:24, 4 January 2012 (UTC)
== Navigate the Wiki  ==
Most FamilySearch Wiki pages contain "Navigation" links to frequently used pages.  The look and feel of the navigation links have recently changed but the functions of the links are the same.
=== '''Search Box Section''' of the Sidebar  ===
This section allows anyone to search the Wiki using keywords. [[Image:Search box.jpg|border|left]]
'''The Search Box Section of the Sidebar includes:'''
'''Search box''' -&nbsp;The search box&nbsp;is where you&nbsp;type&nbsp;'''keywords''' and&nbsp;search terms. For instance, search keywords like&nbsp;"DAR" or "Daughters of the American Revolution" '''NOT'''&nbsp;"How do I find DAR&nbsp;records?" Hit the return key to see the search results.<br>
'''Report search problems''' -&nbsp; Report problems on the Forums in [http://forums.familysearch.org/en/forumdisplay.php?f=56 Technical Support].<br><br>''Note:&nbsp; The Homepage "search box" appears in the middle of the page&nbsp;and has a different look as seen below:''<br>
[[Image:Search box homepage.jpg|border|left|678x203px]] <br>
=== Section of the Sidebar  ===
This section displays&nbsp;information about&nbsp;the page you are currently&nbsp;viewing or editing.
'''[[Image:Current page options.jpg|border|left|98x278px]]The Top''''''&nbsp;Section of the Sidebar includes:'''
'''Navigation to'''
'''Wiki Home'''
'''Help:Wiki Overview'''&nbsp;appears in upper right corner of this page. Go look! This title will change to reflect the page you are currently viewing. If you click '''Edit''' on any page, the page&nbsp;title will&nbsp;indicate "Editing" before the title of the page you are viewing. (See the image on the left.)
==== '''[[Help:Discussion Pages (Talk Pages)|Discussion]]'''  ====
&nbsp;Every page has an associated [[Help:Discussion Pages (Talk Pages)|Discussion (or Talk) page]] which is used for communicating with other users&nbsp;before changing the content of the page. If you want to [[Help:Edit and Contribute|edit]] or make significant changes to an existing&nbsp;page, click on the associated discussion page and post your ideas. Other contributors watching the page will be notified automatically by email that you have posted a comment.
==== '''[[Help:Edit and Contribute|Edit]]'''&nbsp;  ====
The '''Edit''' link allows [[How to Register with the Wiki|registered]] users to make&nbsp;changes to&nbsp;the page on which they click this link. You must be registered to edit the Wiki.&nbsp; Anyone may register! If at first you do not feel comfortable editing a page, you&nbsp;may practice by [[Help:Basic Editing|editing your own user page]], learn how to edit in [[Help:Edit and Contribute|articles]] or by [[Projects Seeking Contributors|joining a group]] of community members working together on a project. For further help with editing, see [[Help:Basic Editing|Basic editing]], [[Copying and Pasting into a Wiki Page|Copy &amp; paste]], [[Help:The Editing Tool (FCK Editor)|Intermediate editing]], and [[Help:Editing a Page|Advanced editing]]. Note: Some pages like the homepage&nbsp;may only be edited&nbsp;by administrators.&nbsp; There is also an Edit tab on the top of the page.
==== '''History'''  ====
Every page has a '''History''' which&nbsp;shows changes that have been made and by whom they were made with a record of the date and time of every edit and the edit summary. The history also contains links to all previous versions of the page. To learn more about an author, click on the '''Username''' in the History.&nbsp;&nbsp;To leave a message for the author, click on '''Talk '''next to their '''Username '''and they will be automatically notified via email (if the author has&nbsp;chosen to receive emails). To see other contributions by the author, click on '''Contribs '''next to the '''Username'''.&nbsp;
==== '''Watch/Unwatch&nbsp;'''  ====
Click&nbsp;'''Watch''' on any page that you would like to be notified of changes.&nbsp;&nbsp;You may choose to '''Watch'''&nbsp;a favorite topic&nbsp;or locality for future additions or you may want to be notified of changes on a page that you&nbsp;created or edited. To discontinue&nbsp;watching a page click&nbsp;'''Unwatch.'''&nbsp; When you are signed in you may see the list of your watched pages on&nbsp;'''My Watchlist''' link at the bottom of the navigation sidebar.
=== '''Wiki Tools Section of the Sidebar'''  ===
This section included '''Navigation, Community, Toolbox and Personal Tools '''for your&nbsp;account.<br>
[[Image:Other tools.jpg|border|left]]'''The Wiki Tools Section of the Sidebar includes:'''
==== '''Navigation'''  ====
'''Home '''- This links&nbsp;you to the Wiki homepage&nbsp;the same&nbsp;as clicking on the FamilySearch tree at the top of any page.<br>
'''Help '''- This link takes you&nbsp;to the Wiki Help section.<br>
'''Create a page '''- This is the only way that you, as a registered user,&nbsp;can create a new page.<br>
'''Browse by country '''- This link allows&nbsp;you to browse Wiki content by country.<br>
'''Browse by topic''' - This link allows&nbsp;you to browse Wiki content by topic.<br>
==== '''Community'''''<b><br></b>'' ====
'''[[Community Center|Community Center]]''' - Our&nbsp;Community Center has something for everyone!&nbsp;This link&nbsp;takes you to many sections of&nbsp;the Wiki including places to connect and collaborate with others.  
'''[[Live User Group Meetings|Community Meetings]]''' - Support is available for the newbie to the techie in our Live Community Meeting. These meetings also connect you with group projects where you can learn and collaborate with others.
'''[http://forums.familysearch.org/en/index.php Forums] '''- Ask '''any'''&nbsp;family history or Wiki questions and find helpful people posting answers. You may also&nbsp;browse through questions and see if there is&nbsp;a question you could help answer!<br>
'''[[FamilySearch Wiki:Guiding Principles|Guiding Principles]]''' - Find the Wiki guiding principles&nbsp;and related links.<br>
'''[[FamilySearch Wiki:Policies|Policies]] '''- Find Wiki policies and related links.<br>
==== '''Toolbox'''  ====
'''What links here''' - This link shows you every page&nbsp;that links to this page.<br>
'''Related changes''' - This link shows you related changes that have been made.<br>
'''Special pages''' - This page contains links to other unique pages which allow&nbsp;you to access wiki reports, wiki statistics, upload media files, etc.<br>
'''Printable version''' - provides the user with a printable version of the current page.<br>
'''Permanent link''' - When this link is clicked,&nbsp;you are&nbsp;shown the permanent link (or web address) for the current page.<br>
'''Upload file''' - This link allows&nbsp;you to upload a file&nbsp;(like&nbsp;an image or jpg)&nbsp;which will then go through the approval process before being posted on the Wiki.<br>
==== '''Personal tools'''  ====
'''User name''' - When you are signed in, your user name will appear here.&nbsp;This links to your user page where you may post information&nbsp;about yourself, your research or&nbsp;family history interests.&nbsp;
'''My talk''' - Other community members may communicate with you on your talk page and if you select the email preference to receive emails, you will be notified when they post to your talk page.
'''My preferences''' - this is where a user may change personal preferences.
'''My watchlist''' - Manage your watchlist from this link.
'''My contributions''' - View your&nbsp;personal contributions from this link.
'''Sign Out''' - This link&nbsp;signs you&nbsp;out of the Wiki.
'''Combine accounts''' - This link allows you to combine duplicate Wiki accounts.<br>
=== What is my user page?  ===
Every registered user has a user page which is created for them when they register. However, it is a blank page until the user adds content to it. To add content to your user page, follow the instructions given in the&nbsp;[[Help:Basic Editing|"Wiki Editing is as Easy as 1-2-3"]]&nbsp;&nbsp; article.
To search for an author's user page in the search box, type the following "User:[name of user]" -- for example, User:loosle<br>
Search for "Westwood, Wiltshire" and then click '''Search''' button. Click the Westwood, Wiltshire page link (should be the first search result). Then click the '''History''' link in the box at the top right. In the list that appears, look at one of the entries next to the date. Click on the name that appears to the right of the date. The user page of the person's name you clicked will appear. The title of the page will appear as User:[name of user]<br>
=== Community Center - Something for Everyone  ===
Next, visit our Wiki Community Center where you may choose the direction you want to take for a continued&nbsp;overview of the Wiki. The Community Center offers something of interest to nearly everyone involved in family history. You may find articles on how to research your family, How to Use and Search the Wiki, How to Contribute to the Wiki, How to Connect with the Wiki&nbsp;Community in a number of ways, Community News and more!
.{{policies and guidelines}}

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Page title

I believe that this page is more about the Navigation of the wiki and should be named differently, perhaps, Help:Wiki Navigation?

(Note - the previous versions of this talk page were used like a Sandbox page, so I deleted the contents of the page as it was confusing.) -- janellv (talk| contribs) 15:29, 20 September 2011 (UTC)

sorry Janell I should have made my comment on this page not your talk page but here. Dawne 17:24, 4 January 2012 (UTC)