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[notice: page contents are under construction]

Self-service page adoption instructions

For those who are interested in the 'self service' version of adopting-a-wiki page (which does not require that you post your request in the forums) and for FamilySearch staff use, you can follow these instructions:

Ready to adopt-a-wiki page? (self service option) Here's how...

  1. Select one or more pages in the FamilySearch Wiki that you'd like to adopt. At this time, page adoptions are accepted on a first come/first serve basis. Also, at this time, only one society or organization is allowed adopt any given page.
  2. Once your organization has selected a page you want to adopt, create an "adoption sign" which can be placed the page(s) you've selected to adopt. For help creating your "adoption sign" for the first time, [Help:Creating a Page Adoption Sign|click here]] and/or contact
  3. Once your "adoption sign" template has been created, place your sign at the top of the page
    Page edit button.png
    that your organization has selected to adopt. Proper placement of your adoption sign is directly under the main title of the page (see an example of proper placement here). In preparation for step #5, write down the file name of your adoption sign template for future reference (e.g. Template:UserBox_Adopt-A-Wiki_Page).
  4. To place, your sign, click the "edit" button on the page (near the top right of the page) to begin editing the page.
  5. Once the editing window has opened, move your cursor to the place where you'd like to place your sponsorship sign
    Template button.png
    and click on the "Insert/Edit Template" button on the editing toolbar.
  6. When the "Template properties" window appears, insert the name of your adoption sign (captured in step #3) and click "Ok" on the "Template Properties" window.
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Save page" button to save your changes. You're organization is now the official sponsor of the page!
  8. Review the page you've sponsored to ensure that the content is a) comprehensive (add information and links to other resources that might be missing) and b) accurate (they correct anything that might be wrong). You can also add links to any resources related to this locality that are offered on your organization's web site that might be helpful to someone doing research in that area.
  9. Find another page to adopt! It's easier to adopt more pages once you've created your adoption sign the first time. Simply follow steps 3 - 8 to adopt additional pages.

HTML to add a link to an image: [[image:blah.jpg|link=article|some text that will show up as a text tip]

I don't understand the fine print section

I don't understand the following line:

"The 'Adopt-a-Wiki page' program has been created by FamilySearch for the benefit of societies, organizations and patrons of the Research Wiki for the sole purpose of completing family history research."

This makes it sound like FamilySearch created Adopt-a-page so that societies can "complete family history research." Wasn't Adopt-a-page actually created so that societies can partner with FamilySearch to more rapidly improve the content within a knowledge domain? I wanted to edit this section to make it clearer, but I am afraid that the original author is trying to say something that I don't yet fully understand. Help please? RitcheyMT 17:58, 13 September 2010 (UTC)