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Description You Type You Get
Add a Page to a Category
Add an Image [[File:xxxxx.png|thumb|alt=Alt text|Caption]] picture
Block Quote The blockquote tag will indent both margins when needed instead of the left margin only as the colon does.
<blockquote>text here</blockquote>
Bold '''bold''' bold
Bold and italic '''''bold and italic''''' bold & italic
Breaking Lines  <br> you get this
when breaking
Bulleted list * One

* Two
** Two point one
* Three

  • Two
    • Two point one
  • Three
Centered Text

<div class="center" style="width:auto; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;">Centered text</div> 

        Centered text
Insert Horizontal line  ----

above the line

below the line

Headings == Level 2 ==
=== Level 3 ===
==== Level 4 ====
Indenting Text no indent (normal)<br>:first indent<br>::second indent<br>:::third indent<br> no indent (normal)
:first indent
::second indent
:::third indent
Italic ''italic'' italic
Link to another Wiki page [[Name of page]]<br>[[Name of page|Text to display]]<nowiki> | [[Name of page]]<br>[[Name of page|Text to display]]<br> |- | Numbered list | | # One<br># Two<br>## Two point one<br># Three<br> |- | Redirect Page | <nowiki>#REDIRECT [[Target page]] #REDIRECT Target page
Redirect to a Section of Another Page #REDIRECT [[Target page#anchorName]] #REDIRECT Target page#anchorName
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Table of contents When a page has at least four headings, a table of contents (TOC) will appear in front of the first header (after the lead). Putting __TOC__ anywhere forces the TOC to appear at that point (instead of just before the first heading). Putting __NOTOC__ anywhere forces the TOC to disappear.