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  • Archive - A subpage of a Talk page to which some parts of the discussion are transferred, to reduce the size of the Talk page.
  • Banned or Blocked (User/IP) - the wikiczar may block some users from the wiki (keeping them from editting or creating new pages), as a last resort when their behavior violates wiki etiquette
  • Boilerplate Text -  A standard message which can be added to an article using a template.
  • Boolean - Boolean is a technical term that determines whether something is false or true. For the purposes of the FamilySearch Wiki, boolean refers to a type of search that allows the user to include terms "AND," "OR," or "NOT" in a search to narrow or expand search results. To learn more about Boolean searches click here.
  • Bot  -  A program that automatically or semi-automatically adds or edits Wikipedia-pages
  • Broken Link  -  A link to a nonexistent page, usually colored red
  • Categories Groups of pages with related content. Pages can belong to more than one category, and categories can be sub-categories of other categories.
  • Contributors People who contribute to wiki content. At some wikis people need to be registered and logged in to edit. At other wikis, anyone can edit, but if they don't have a wiki account, their IPs are logged and displayed with their edits.
  • Creative Commons - an organization that discusses copyright, GFD (Gnu Free Documentation licensing), public domain and other such related matters.
  • Diff  -  The difference between two versions of page, as displayed using the Page history feature, or from Recent Changes.
  • Disambiguation - The process of resolving the conflict that occurs when articles about two or more different topics have the same natural title
  • Edit Summary -  The contents of the "Summary:" field below the edit box on the "Edit this page" page.
  • Edit wars Disagreements between two or more editors over page content in which the editors keep reverting the other editor's changes.
  • FCK Editor - The FCK Editor is a rich text editor that allows users to format and organize text within a page or article without having to type in the actual code behind the text.
  • Hatnote  -  A short note placed at the top of an article before the primary topic.
  • History - All previous versions of an article, from its creation to its current state.
  • Hypertext - text displayed on a computer or other electronic device with references (hyperlinks) to other text that the reader can immediately access, usually by a mouse click or keypress sequence.
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Wiki = Wiki means fast in Hawaiian. Today, the term wiki is used to describe software that allows users to collaboratively create, edit, link and organize content in a website.

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