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== Related Articles  ==
== Related Articles  ==
*[[How to Register with the Wiki|Registration and Email Settings]]
*[[Help:Basic Searches|Basic Wiki Searches]]  
*[[Help:Basic Searches|Basic Wiki Searches]]  
*[[Boolean Searches in the Wiki|Advanced Wiki Searches]], including Boolean searches
*[[Boolean Searches in the Wiki|Advanced Wiki Searches]], including Boolean searches

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The Wiki Overview

We are glad you are here! To get up to speed easily and quickly, you will want to begin with the Wiki Overview. Other options for getting help with the wiki include:


Genealogists world-wide are working together to help each other find our ancestors! Imagine a place where you may ask any question about anything related to family history. Then imagine community members all over the world with their collective knowledge answering these questions. It is happening on the FamilySearch Forums. Post your questions by registering and starting a new thread. Registering also allows you to post answers to questions from other researchers. After registering with the FamilySearch Forums the system will automatically notify you when your question is answered!

Live Community Meetings

Some community members prefer receiving live help on a conference call with fellow community members. If this is your preference, join one or more Community Meetings that are held live online. You will find helpful, friendly support in each meeting.

Edit and Contribute Articles

Review the content listed on the Edit and Contribute article. This page links to several other pages that will help answer numerous question you might have. Articles include information about how to use, search, and contribute to the Wiki.

Related Articles

How to Research Your Family History

Principles of Research: Research Articles from beginning methods to advanced research strategies. A great place to start!