Help:Submitting Images for Approval

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Step 1:
Log in to the wiki.

Step 2:
Click Upload File in the Toolbox section of the sidebar.


Step 3:
This will open a window titled Email File for Authorization.


Step 4:
If you are logged in to the wiki your email address and name automatically appear in the appropriate fields. Verify the information is correct. If the information is not correct please update your profile in the Personal Tools section of the sidebar.

Step 5:
Click Browse and select a file from your computer for upload authorization.
Step 6:
Select a unique Title of Image. Include the approximate date the image was taken. Add a description of the image, including copyright or licensing details, microform numbers or call numbers, locations relevant to the image or where it was obtained, or other important details in the Description box.

Step 7:
At the bottom of the page are two buttons. One of these buttons must be clicked prior to sending the file. If the image is a Family History Library acquisition, please include the click the bottom button. If the image or file is not a Family History Library acquisition, and the image is not copyrighted by anyone other than you, click the top button. The top button verifies that you take responsibility for submitting the image or file. Click Send File.

You should see the Email File for Authorization page with the message “Your image/document has been sent for authorization. Upon authorization you will receive a reply and be able to link/embed the image/document into the desired page.”