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When you revert an article to a previous version, you are eliminating the edits of one or more contributors. Its a good idea to give your reasons on the Talk Page and explain what you are going to do. You might also contact those contributors and tell them directly. Then let some time go by, giving others a chance to reply to your ideas. In the long run it is better to negotiate permission before hand, thus smoothing over possible hurt feelings and preventing a "revert war".

Also consider the Three-revert rule if doing extensive editing.

When you are ready for the revert, do the following -

  • Step 1 Navigate to the article that needs to be reverted.
  • Step 2 Go to its History page and do one of the following.
  • Step 2.1 Find the last good version and click on its date to roll back the article to. That version should now open in the Edit Window.
  • Step 2.2 Find the last good version and click on Prev. When the two versions show up , click on the Edit tabat the top of the column on the left. This will open up the good version in the Edit Window.
  • Step 3 At the bottom of the page under the Edit Window, fill in the Summary. Then Click on the Save page button.