Help:Reverting Content to Previous Version

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When you revert and article to a previous version, you are eliminating the edits of one or more contributors. Its a good idea to contact those contributors and explain what you are going to do. You might also give your reasons on the Talk Page for that article.

  • Step 1 Navigate to the article that needs to be reverted.
  • Step 2 Go to the History page and do one of the following.
  • Step 2.1 Find the last good version and click on its date to roll back the article to. That version should now open in the Edit Window.
  • Step 2.2 Find the last good version and click on Prev. When the two versions show up , click (Edit) at the top of the column on the left. This will open up the good version in the Edit Window
  • Step 3 At the bottom of the page under the Edit Window, type in the Summary.
  • Step 4 Click on Save page.