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Help:Registering with the Wiki

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Help-content.png This help article will guide you as you edit in the Wiki. See Contributor Help for more help articles.

Registering for a Wiki account allows you to:

  • Edit existing pages and create new ones
  • Receive notification of new information on a page by watching the page
  • Collaborate with fellow community members on discussion pages
  • Create a user page and discussion page to practice editing

If you are already registered with, FamilySearch Indexing, or, or LDS websites, that account will work for this site as well and you do not need to register for a new one.

To register for an account:

  1. Click "Sign In" in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  2. If you think you may have an account but are not sure what the login information is, click the user name or password links below Sign In box
  3. Click the "Create an Account" box in the upper right-hand corner and complete the account information

Click here for more information about these accounts.