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How to be notified when changes are made

First, you must be watching, or be on the watchlist for the page(s) in which you are interested in tracking changes. There is a "Watch" tab at the top of each page to add yourself to the watchlist for that page. By following these directions you can have the system automatically add you to the watchlist for pages that you create.

Next, look at the Navigation under the heading "Personal tools". If your User ID appears as the first item in the Personal tools category then you are logged in to the Wiki. If not, Click the link to "Log in".

Finally, still under Personal tools find the link for "My preferences" and click on that. There are a number of tabs on the top of this page. Under the "User Profile" tab find the line that says: "E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed" and check the box. Then click on the tab for "Watchlist". There are four boxes you need to check here, they are at the bottom. Check the boxes for "Add pages I create to my watchlist", "Add pages I edit to my watchlist", "Add pages I move to my watchlist", and "Add pages I delete to my watchlist."

You can click on the "My watchlist" link under Personal tools at any time to check to see what you are watching.