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{{Historical populations
|type = USA
|heading = Census
|footnote = Source: [ "American FactFinder".] United States Census Bureau.
|1800 |xxxx  
|1810 |xxxx  
|1820 |xxxx  
|1830 |xxxx  
|1840 |xxxx 
|1850 |xxxx  
|1860 |xxxx  
|1870 |xxxx  
|1880 |xxxx
|1890 |xxxx
|1900 |xxxx
|1910 |xxxx 
|1920 |xxxx 
|1930 |xxxx 
|1940 |xxxx 
|1950 |xxxx
|1960 |xxxx
|1970 |xxxx  
|1980 |xxxx  
|1990 |xxxx  
|2000 |xxxx


The easiest way edit this code is to copy and paste it into a word processing software and edit all the census data there, and then paste the completed document on to your Wiki page.

The first number on each line represents the census year (1800, 1810, 1820, etc). The "xxxx" represents the population number for that census (usually a 3-6 digit number WITHOUT commas). The percent of increase/decrease will be calculated automatically when the chart is embedded on the Wiki page.

 The population numbers go immediately after the second pipe, with no space, example:

1890 |791

1900 |1043

Retrieve the census populations.

  • Up to 1990 is available at WeRelate on the corresponding county

  • The 2000 data can be found on Wikipedia on the corresponding county page in the first sentence of the Demographics section.
Delete years that census records do not exist for that county.


  •  If there is not a heading for Census, create one. Click to edit the heading that would be just below “Census” alphabetically.
  • Once the edit screen opens, click on “Wikitext” on the top left corner of your edit menu.
  • Create a blank line at the very top of the edit box and type in

     ==== Census ====     (be sure to put spaces before the “C” and after the “s”)

  • On the line immediately following that, paste in your Hist/Pop box code.
  • Preview your page to be sure you have it inserted properly.
  • If you need to make any changes, you will have to click on the “Wikitext” setting on the top left corner of your edit menu again.
  • When your previewed changes look the way you want them to, then save your page. Always leave your Hist/Pop Chart as the beginning information in the Census topic.