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Not all images in the Family History Library's collection can be used on the wiki. Each microfilm or fiche was copied as per a specific contract, and some of the contracts prohibit the use of a microform's images on the wiki or in other publications. To check whether images of a given film or fiche can be used, the film or fich number must be checked in a special  database at LDS Church Headquarters.
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You must have access behind the firewall

Only staff inside the firewall or with remote VPN access to the employee network at LDS Church Headquarters can check image permissions.

Setting up your computer to check permissions

In order to set up your computer so that you can check permissions, you will need to follow the steps in the PowerPoint presentation below:

Steps in checking permissions for an image

The following instructions also appear in the PowerPoint presentation Using the ODBC database.

  1. Using the ODBC instructions, check the call number or microform number to determine if the image may be uploaded to the FamilySearch Wiki.
  2. If the following codes are returned from querying the ODBC, the image may be uploaded to the FamilySearch Wiki: K1, L1, M1, N1, and R1.
  3. Check the dates of the document to determine that all individuals listed or mentioned in the document are deceased. (Typically, if the document is more than 120 years old, all individuals will be deceased.)
  4. If the image is acceptable, follow any special instructions associated with T9A in the ODBC database, and then upload the image to the FamilySearch Wiki using the “Upload the Image” instructions.
  5. If the ODBC query returns any other codes than K1, L1, M1, N1, or R1, the image must be rejected.
  6. If the image is rejected, send the user a note explaining why the image was rejected.