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Help-content.png This help article will guide you as you edit in the Wiki. See Contributor Help for more help articles.

Family history or genealogical societies are mentioned in many articles throughout the FamilySearch Research Wiki. Societies can join one of the largest genealogical Wikis in the world by creating a page for your society that includes a snapshot of the benefits and activities of your society:

General Information

Benefits to your society

  • Post info on upcoming meetings and activities
  • Post presentations and handouts from your meetings
  • Promote seminars, conferences, and training events
  • Use the Wiki to connect projects your society needs done
  • Link to the wiki pages your society has adopted
  • Publish on-line newsletters
  • Increase your membership
  • Take advantage of the Wiki to reach a broader audience
  • Drive traffic to your website

Benefits to your members:

  • Link to members’ personal Wiki pages or personal genealogical websites
  • Lists members on the Wiki by locality focus, ethnic focus, residence, projects
  • Learn what’s new in data sets, software, and record collections pertaining to your area
  • Post announcements about achievements of your members and recognize them
  • Involve society members by involving them in the Wiki

Benefits to your society officers:

  • Communication function: new publications, new resources, new databases
  • Post back issues of your society newsletters so that you do not have to store them
  • Add answers to commonly asked genealogical questions
  • Save the cost of hiring a webmaster and the maintenance costs

Ready to create a society page? It's easy...

  1. Once your organization has decided to create a society page in the wiki, add your interest to the FamilySearch Forum thread.
  2. Once we receive all of the information related to your society page, volunteers will be working to complete your request. You can expect your society page to be ready for use within 72 hours!

Prefer to do it yourself? Follow these instructions

Help-content.png Questions?
Visit the Wiki Contributor Help Forum to receive help with contributing to the Wiki.
  • Review the template for creating a society page
  • Following the instructions on the template page, create your new society wiki page
  • Create a link from an existing wiki page where your society is mentioned to your new society page
  • Enjoy customizing your society page by adding details and images related to your society. Feel free to add new sections or delete those not applicable to your society
  • If you have any questions, post them to the Society Page Request Forum.

Example Pages

Review the following pages to see what a society page might look like. (Note that the pages are in various stages of creation as of 18 Aug 2010):