Help:Copying and Pasting into a Wiki Page

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We recommend that you use keystrokes to cut and paste information into a wiki page. The mouse doesn't always work!

Modern Web browser software has security settings that often disallow users from cutting and pasting text into a wiki page. However, using these keystrokes, you can get the job done:

  • Copy: CTRL-C
  • Cut: CTRL-X
  • Paste: CTRL-V

To copy text from a Word document into a wiki page, you would highlight the text you want to copy, hold down the CTRL key while pressing the C key, place your cursor in the wiki page, and hold down the CTRL key while pressing the V key. The wiki will then open a window for the copy/paste feature. The final step is to press the CTRL-V key again to copy the text into the wiki window provided. Then press the OK button.

Formatting your text after you have copied and pasted it onto the page will likely be needed.