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{{PD Help Page}}
#REDIRECT [[Help:Contributor Help]]
{{Help article}}
== Reading  ==
*[[Help:Tracking changes|Tracking changes]]
== Editing  ==
*[[Help:Editing pages|Editing pages]]
*[[Help:How to create an article|Starting a new page]]
*[[Help:User page|User pages]]
*[[Help:Talk pages|Talk pages]]
{{Contributor Help badge}}
=== Advanced editing  ===
*[[Help:Managing files|Managing files]]
*[[Help:Moving a page|Moving (renaming) a page]]
*[[Help:Deleting a page|Deleting a page]]
*[[Help:Protected pages|Protected pages]]
*[[Help:Special pages|Special pages]]
*[[Help:External searches|External searches]]
=== Personal customization  ===
== Wiki administration  ==
*[[Help:Sysops and permissions|Sysops and permissions]]
The following features require extra permissions that are not normally granted to all wiki users.
*[[Help:Protecting and unprotecting pages|Protecting and unprotecting pages]]
*[[Help:Sysop deleting and undeleting|Sysop deleting and undeleting]]
*[[Help:Patrolled edits|Patrolled edits]]
*[[Help:Blocking users|Blocking users]]
*[[Help:Range blocks|Range IP blocks]]
*[[Help:Assigning permissions|Assigning permissions]]

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