Hayden, Union County, New Mexico, Cemetery Details

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Gods Acre Cemetery / Perschbacher Ranch Cemetery


Location:        In Hayden, NM. On the Perschbacher Ranch.


GPS:              Latitude: N Longitude: W

Map:               Interactive Map


Interments:      3

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Hayden Cemetery




GPS:               Latitude: N Longitude: W

Map:                Interactive Map

Photo:              Entrance


Interments:       91

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Pedernal Cemetery


Location:        Between Bueyeros, NM on the west and Hayden, NM on the east Cemetery is located north of 

                     State Road 102.

Elevation:        4,943 feet

GPS:              Latitude: 36.01750 N      Longitude: -103.42470 W

Map:               Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,



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Sedan Cemetery


Location:          Between Clayton, NM on the north, and Hayden, NM  on the south. Take State Road 402/102 to  where

                       102 joins 421 and turns east towards the Texas border. County Road 050 intersects, turn left (north).

                       Follow County Road C050 to the next intersection from the left (west) of County Road C139. Go half way

                       to the end of the C139, about 1 block. Cemetery is on the right (north) side at the southeast corner of the

                       fence line.

                       It is 2.2 km NxNW of Sedan, NM; 8.4 km NE of Stead, NM; 23.2 km NxNE of Hayden, NM;

                       23.8 km NxNW of tramperos Creek, NM.

Elevation:         4,612 feet

GPS:                Latitude: 36.15940 N      Longitude: -103.14110 W

Map:                 Interactive Map 1, Map 2,


Interments:        8

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Shaha Cemetery


Location:           Between Clayton, NM on the north, and Hayden, NM on the south. Take State Road 402/102 to where

                        102 joins 421 and turns east towards the Texas border. County Road 053 intersects, turn right (south).

                        Follow C053 to the right intersection of County Road C052. Cemetery is on the corner on the right (west). 

                        It is 5.8 km ExSE of Sedan, NM; 11.2 km E of Stead, NM; 17.2 km NxNW of Tramperos Creek, NM;

                        22.9 km NxNE of Amistad, NM.

Elevation:          4,526 feet

GPS:                Latitude: 36.11580 N      Longitude: -103.07860 W

Map:                 Interactive Map 1,Map 2,


Interments:        17

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