Hamden, New Haven County, Connecticut Genealogy

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Hamden is a town in New Haven County, Connecticut, United States. Hamden is a suburb of the city of New Haven.

Originally settled by Puritans as part of the town of New Haven, Hamden was purchased by Theophilus Eaton and Reverend John Davenport in 1638 from the local Quinnipiack Native American tribe. It remained a part of New Haven until 1786 when 1,400 local residents incorporated the area as a separate town, naming it after the English statesman John Hampden.

The Farmington Canal, which ships traveled from New Haven northward, passed through Hamden between 1825 and 1848 until it was supplanted by railroad travel.


  • Augerville
  • Centerville (Town Center)
  • Dunbar Hill
  • Hamden Plains
  • Highwood
  • Mix District
  • Mount Carmel
  • Spring Glen
  • State Street
  • Whitneyville
  • West Woods (Hamden Hills)

Probate Records

New Haven Probate District covers Hamden.