Guesses about U.S. Ancestors

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[This section should be a bullet list of information found in this type of record ]

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Before using this record, know this

[This section should be a list of things the researcher must know before they can use this record effectively, such as the full name of the ancestor they want to search for. For more examples, click here.]

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Before using this record, search this

[This section should list other records you should search before searching this one. For instance, if this article describes the use of a record that has no index, this section might recommend some finding aids that will narrow down the search.]

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Where to find the record [List in order the best places for the public to access the record. Can customers access this record through a phone call, a Website, a visit to their public library, a paper letter, or only through a visit to a specific archive? List these "access points" in order from most accessible to least accessible. For examples, click here.]

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How to search the record

[List here the steps the reader must do in order to search the record. For an example, click here.]


Record sample

[Include an optional graphic of the record here.]



[This section includes a bullet list of advice the reader will need to use the record successfully. Items in the Tips section are those which don't fit well in other sections.]

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 [edit] What to do next[List tasks the user should do after completing their first search of the record. For examples, click here.]