Guddal Parish, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Genealogy

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Sogn og Fjordane County

Guide to Guddal, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records

Guddal Parish
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Church Records

See Fjaler (Ytre Holmedal) clerical district.

Census Records

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Fageheim, Ragnvald and Fagerheim, Magne,Fjaler, gards- og ættesoge, [S.l.] : Utgjevar Fjaler sogelag, 1976. Contains a genealogy of the people and a brief history of the farms they lived on. Vol l Holmedal parish, Vol 2 Dale parish and Vol 3 Dale and Guddal parishes. 948.34/F1 Def Farm name indexes to volumes 1-3 are found in the following links. File:948.34-F1 D2f V1 - Fjaler.pdf, File:948.34-F1 D2f V2 - Fjaler - Dale Skon.pdf, File:948.34-F1 D2f V3 - Fjaler.pdf

Farm Names

The farm number and name of the farms listed in Oluf Rygh Farm Name Index in about 1900 were as follows:

107 Bjordal, 114 Boge, 122 Byrkjosen

129 Dingsøren

108 Eikelien, 132 Engen, 134 Espenes

126 Gallefoss, 124 Grøvlen, 116 Guddal

109 Hatlebrekke, 120 Heggeim indre, 135 Hovlandsdalen, 115 Huseklepp

117 Kalstad

125 Langeland, 106 Lindelien, 112 Løbrot

110 Marosen

136 Nautsund, 113 Noven

127 Røirbotnen

123 Skitnevik, 118 Steinsæter, 128 Svartefossen, 121 Sørebøen

131 Tuland

111 Ulvedal

133 Yndestad

130 Ødemark

Probate Records

1677-1881: Probates may be found in Sunnfjord judicial district.

1794-1846: Clerical probates may be found in Sunnfjord Deanery.


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names