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The Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project is dedicated to finding information about Welsh-Americans. The project was established in September 2000 in Wymore, Nebraska as a result of an interview and oral history taken of a Welsh-speaking gentleman. From that initial interest, research began on the Welsh settlements in the local area and throughout the State of Nebraska. Since 2000, the organization has grown and expanded in its scope and collection of information about Welsh-Americans throughout America and Canada. The group hosts events throughout the year to preserve and promote Welsh American heritage of Nebraska and the Great Plains. They also provide archival space for historical documents that focus on Welsh American heritage and have a museum in Wymore, Nebraska where they maintain many Welsh heritage artifacts. A highlight of the museum is the authentic Welsh garden in a relaxing and tranquil setting.
Probably the greatest resource of the Project is its collection of issues of Y Drych (The Mirror), the oldest Welsh newspaper published in America today. The publication has had a continuous running since 1841. Although there are some gaps in the collection of Y Drych, there are a sufficient number of issues that would be worthwhile exploring.
For those who seek information on their Welsh-American ancestors, the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project provides a valuable resource for data gathering. For a nominal fee, they will most likely find your person if they resided in a Welsh-American community in the United States or Canada. An application form is available below for a search.

Y Drych Search Request
Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project
PO Box 253 Wymore, NE 68466
(SEARCH FEE: $5 per search item (payable to GPWHP)

Requestor’s Name _____________________________________
Address ______________________________________________
E-mail address ________________________________________

(Y Drych was written in Welsh for most of its history.)
Name of Subject (include Bardic/Pen Name, if any)
__________________________________________________ Date of Death (or other event) ______________________________ (month, day, year)
(Search possible only from 1850-1950) Location (in USA or Canada) _________________________________
(Where did the event take place?)
Additional Information ________________________________________
*Note: Some issues of Y Drych are missing, leaving gaps, especially during the American Civil War and at time economic downturns and depressions---1872, 1894, 1929+. With that in mind, we will do our best to find your item.
**We are most likely to find your person if he/she resided in a Welsh-American community in the USA or Canada.