Grant County, Oregon Trivia Tidbits

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United States Gotoarrow.png Oregon Gotoarrow.png Grant County Gotoarrow.png Trivia Tidbits

  • Aldrich Mountain, missing longitude (dec format) in {{Coord}}, Named for Ellery Wood Aldrich, an early rancher. Aldrich, along with his son Elmer Oliver Aldrich, was one of a party of ranchers who encountered a band of marauding Paiute Indians in 1878. Young Aldrich was killed and his mutilated body was later found in Aldrich Gulch was then named for him. The family name later transferred to Aldrich Mountain and the Aldrich Mountains to the east. Aldrich Creek does not flow in the gulch but runs north to John Day River.
  • Aldrich Mountains, a range south of Dayville, Mount Vernon and John Day. Coordinates from west to east: 44°23′37″N 119°28′13″W / 44.3934797°N 119.4702500°W / 44.3934797; -119.4702500 (Aldrich Mountains),

44°21′48″N 119°24′18″W / 44.3632031°N 119.4049688°W / 44.3632031; -119.4049688 (Aldrich Mountains), 44°18′55″N 119°18′29″W / 44.3151492°N 119.3080195°W / 44.3151492; -119.3080195 (Aldrich Mountains), 44°17′45″N 119°11′37″W / 44.2957067°N 119.1935706°W / 44.2957067; -119.1935706 (Aldrich Mountains), 44°17′26″N 119°03′51″W / 44.2904314°N 119.0641217°W / 44.2904314; -119.0641217 (Aldrich Mountains), 44°14′40″N 119°00′44″W / 44.2443212°N 119.0121742°W / 44.2443212; -119.0121742 (Aldrich Mountains), 44°15′16″N 118°59′24″W / 44.2543216°N 118.9899515°W / 44.2543216; -118.9899515 (Aldrich Mountains), 44°13′45″N 118°56′19″W / 44.2290442°N 118.9385600°W / 44.2290442; -118.9385600 (Aldrich Mountains), 44°12′15″N 118°52′24″W / 44.2040446°N 118.8732792°W / 44.2040446; -118.8732792 (Aldrich Mountains),


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