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United States
Idaho County

Quick Facts

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Former name

Geographic location

City Hall
Grangeville City Hall
225 West North Street
Grangeville, Idaho 83530
(208) 983-2851


Archives and Libraries




Prairie View

Church History and Records


Mountain Shadow Baptist Church‎
215 North C Street
Grangeville, ID 83530-1337

(208) 983-2225

Mt Idaho Baptist Mission‎
75 Mount Idaho Loop Rd
Grangeville, ID 83530-5073

(208) 983-7699

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints‎
Grangeville Ward
403 N Blvd
Grangeville, ID 83530

(208) 983-2110



Holy Trinity Episcopal ‎
311 S Hall St
Grangeville, ID 83530-2011

(208) 983-6075


United Methodist Church Of Grangeville ‎
404 West Main Street
Grangeville, ID 83530-1447

(208) 983-0310

Roman Catholic


St Peter & Paul Catholic Church‎
625 Lake Street
Grangeville, ID 83530

(208) 983-0403


The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah has microfilmed records of the St Peter and Paul Catholic Church (1951-1965) which are housed in the Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise, Idaho, and copies of these records can be viewed at the Library in Salt Lake City or in any of its Family History Centers.


Church of the Nazarene‎
515 West North 2nd Street
Grangeville, ID 83530

(208) 983-0552

Christian Church Grangeville‎
402 Southwest 1st Street
Grangeville, ID 83530-1438

(208) 983-2549

Seventh Day Adventist Church‎
115 Northwest 7th Street
Grangeville, ID 83530-1652

(208) 983-2705

Centennial Evangelical Free Church‎
408 North College Street
Grangeville, ID 83530-1706

(208) 983-0231

Church On the Rock‎
617 South a Street
Grangeville, ID 83530-1404

(208) 983-0917

Calvary Chapel of Grangeville‎
517 West North Street
Grangeville, ID 83530

(208) 983-5433

Jehovah's Witness‎
202 North Florence Street
Grangeville, ID 83530

(208) 983-0107

Church of Christ‎
125 Happy Hollow Rd
Grangeville, ID 83530-5139

(208) 983-1461

Abundant Life Fellowship‎
904 North D Street
Grangeville, ID 83530-1140

(208) 983-3060

Grangeville Christian Ref Church‎
521 North Junction Street
Grangeville, ID 83530-1727

(208) 983-0955


The Idaho State Archives in Boise has a collection of city, county, state and regional directories.

Funeral Homes

Blackmer Funeral Home
305 N Mill St
Grangeville, Idaho 83530
(208) 983-0740


The Nez Perce Indians and their ponies roamed the grasslands and the women gathered the bulbs of the blue camas which formed a vital and major portion of the Nez Perce diet. The Indians were pushed back into the breaks, away from the fertile land and sustaining camas roots with the plowing and fencing of the prairie.

Lewis and Clark first crossed into Idaho over the Lolo Trail, in 1805. Not until 1850’s and 60’s did the miners, trappers and settlers settle the remote area.

The property owned by Mr. Cook was donated for the building of the Grange Hall in 1876. This building served as the nucleus of social life and eventual development.

The Nez Perce Indians brought down their wrath upon the white intruders, attacking their settlements in 1877. Grange Hall was stockade with sixteen foot logs and sacks of flour from the nearby mill. The battle of White Bird evolved many volunteers from Grangeville, but the village of Grangeville apparently escaped the direct attack. With surrender of Chief Joseph in Montana in 1878, the Nez Perce War came to an end and life in the town settled down to the serious pursuits of education and business.


Military History and Records



  • Idaho County Free Press
    P.O. Box690
    Grangeville, ID 83850
    Ph. 208-983-1200
    email -

Copies of issues of the following Grangeville newspapers are in the collections of the Idaho State Archives in Boise.

Grangeville daily reminder -- 1939:4:11

Grangeville globe -- 1907:12:4-1922:4:27

Grangeville news -- 1902:4:26-1906:6:30

Grangeville Republican -- 1896:8:7

Idaho County free press -- 1886:6:18-9999

Idaho gold miner -- 1893:9:15

Standard -- 1899:3:25-1906:6:29

Standard-news -- 1906:7:5-1908:12:31


School Records