Global Alliance of Genealogy Professionals

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Who we are 

  • A group of Genealogy related Professionals who have formed a Global Alliance
  • Many of the members are APG members and former Experts.
  • The Alliance is a replacement for ExpertConnect with improvements in function.
  • We live in the area we represent in order to serve you better

What we offer to help you
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  • Have you done all you can do on your family lines and need some help to go further?
  • Looking for Documents? Can't go to source repository yourself?
  • Information on DNA testing? 
  • Books on Genealogy? 
  • Research in a Country with another language?
  • Locate descendants of a couple?
  • Want to publish your research or family history records?
  • Want a family history but aren't interested in doing the work or have lack of time?

How we function
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  • We are covering the world with pros who live in their area of expertise, so as to be close to repositories of information that would be of use to you. These pros are knowledable about local resources from Alaska around the globe to Russia.
  • These are researchers with years of experience in locating records and extending pedigrees
  • We have Pros in other related fields to provide needed services.
  • Because this is an alliance, we work together to give the best results for you. Collaboration and cooperation and not competition.
  • Our rates are fair and we will do exactly what we promise. The results of a search may not always be the desired results. We stress Communication between client and pros
  • We will spend the time requested in the best possible way to achieve the best result.
  • If it is custom research you are seeking, it is time you are purchasing and not always documents or names, dates, etc.

Other great Wiki pages
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Web link for further information: Global Alliance

We would love to be of service to you in finding family!