Gladstone, Union County, New Mexico, Cemetery Details

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Gladstone Cemetery


Location:      Off US 56 / 412 between Abbott, NM and Pennington, NM. Take County Road C001 south to

                    County Road C008 (first road to the left), about .7 mile on the right (south) side.

                    It is 1.9 km SxSE of Gladstone, NM; 9.7 km SE of Tafoya, NM; 18.5 km NxNW of Yates, NM;

                    21.7 km of Sofia, NM.

Elevation:      5,871 feet

GPS:            Latitude: 36.29000 N      Longitude: -103.96420 W

Map:             Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,

Photo:          Entrance


Interments:   14

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