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FamilySearch Communities This article is about an aspect of the Genealogy Research Communities sponsored by FamilySearch.

FamilySearch is working with the community to provide tools to help people get answers to their questions about how to find their ancestors. We invite you to GET INVOLVED and use the tools to get answers to your questions and help other people get answers to theirs. Together we all achieve more.

Family Tree

Our goal is to document all help (i.e. records, translations, etc.) related to a specific ancestor in the family tree. 

Learning Center - Watch a Course

Watch a course on the new Learning Center.  Email this link for the course to others you might know who could benefit from it! 

Facebook - Ask and Answer Questions

Join one of the test Facebook Communities and ask your questions or help someone else.  Invite friends or colleagues to ask and answer questions using Facebook. 

Wiki - Learn About a Place or Record

Search places or topics for answers to your research questions on the FamilySearch Research Wiki.

Wiki - Contribute your Knowledge

Share what you know with others by adding some information to the FamilySeach Research Wiki. Sign In and then click the Edit button on any page to add something to the page. If you need a little help getting started with the wiki we have some tips for you.

Be The Change - Invite Others To Get Involved

These tools are freely accessible to everyone so spread the word and invite others to GET INVOLVED. 

Provide Feedback - Tell Us How We Can Get Others Involved

Click on the "Discussion" tab at the top of this page to share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions with ways that we can get others involved.