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[https://www.facebook.com/groups/190997804291208/ Oregon Genealogy Network]  
[https://www.facebook.com/groups/190997804291208/ Oregon Genealogy Network]  
| Pennsylvania
| [https://www.facebook.com/PennsylvaniaGenealogy Pennsylvania] <br>[https://www.facebook.com/groups/123343704418143/ Pennsylvania Genealogy Network]  
| [https://www.facebook.com/PennsylvaniaGenealogy Pennsylvania] <br>[https://www.facebook.com/groups/123343704418143/ Pennsylvania Genealogy Network]  

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New Pages and Groups on Facebook about genealogy research are being created nearly every day. The main topic of either a Page or a Group will typically be about doing research in a specific location, an ethnic group, or special interest. Feel free to add to the list.

See the Family Associations page for a listing of family organizations, societies, and associations that have either a Facebook page, a website, or other contact information. Feel free to add to list.

International Research Pages and Groups

(Click the icon next to each column heading to sort the table.)

FamilySearch Pages Genealogy Groups/Pages Genealogy Groups/Pages


Fleurieu Peninsula Family History Group and Fleurieu Peninsula Family History Page

Canterbury-Bankstown region of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



Canada Halifax & District Genealogy Quebec Family History Society
Caribbean Islands

Saint Elizabeth Jamaica Genealogy

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands Caribbean Genealogy Library Family Research Inquiries





(Czech Republic)




England Lancashire Genealogy
Yorkshire Genealogy
Great Harwood Family and Local History Group
Finland Finnish Genealogy




Black Sea German Research

Germany (Ruhr Valley)



Hong Kong

Hungary Hungary


Ireland & Northern Ireland

Armagh Cavan Clare

Cork Dublin Leitrim Limerick

Longford Mayo Tipperary

Wexford Wicklow

Irish Genealogy
Italy Sicilian Genealogy
Southern Italian Genealogy Network


Guadalajara Dispensas

Genealogía Del Valle de México


New Zealand


Northern Ireland and Ireland

Norway Norwegian Society of Texas
Hovedstad Chapter
Midnattsolen Chapter
Snorre Chapter
Viking Chapter
Valdres, Norway Genealogy
Norwegian Genealogy
Minnesota Norwegians - genealogy
Official Sons of Norway
North and South Dakota Norwegians - Genealogy
Wisconsin Norwegians - Genealogy


Investigación Genealógica en Perú


Puerto Rico



Samoa (American)

Samoa (Western)


Slovakia and Czech Republic

South Africa









United Kingdom United Kingdom


Wales Monmouthshire Family Tree

North America Research Pages and Groups

Topic Genealogy Groups/Pages
African American Research African American

African American Genealogy Friends

Alabama Alabama

Alabama Genealogy Network

Alaska Alaska
American Indian American Indian
Arizona Arizona

Arizona Genealogy Network

Arkansas Arkansas

Arkansas Genealogy Network

California California
California Genealogy Network
Canada Canada

Genealogy Network & Look Ups - Atlantic Canada

Canada First Nations Canada First Nations
Colorado Colorado

Colorado Genealogy Network

Connecticut Connecticut

Connecticut Genealogy Network

Delaware Delaware

Delaware Genealogy Network

Florida Florida

https://www.facebook.com/groups/208192675888750/ Florida Genealogy Network]

Georgia Georgia

Georgia Genealogy Network

Hawaii Hawaii
Hispanic Hispanic (Americas)
Idaho Idaho
Idaho Genealogy Network
Illinois Illinois

Illinois Genealogy Network

Indiana Indiana

Indiana Genealogy Network

Iowa Iowa

Iowa Genealogy Network

Kansas Kansas

Kansas Genealogy Network

Kentucky Kentucky
Kentucky Genealogy Research, The Original

KY History and Genealogy (Network of Interest Groups)
Kentucky Genealogy Network

Louisiana Louisiana

Louisiana Genealogy Network

Maine Maine
Maryland Maryland

Maryland Genealogy Network

Massachusetts Massachusetts

Massachusetts Genealogy Network

Michigan Michigan

Michigan Genealogy Network
Michigan Genealogical Council

Minnesota Minnesota

Minnesota Genealogy Network
Minnesota Norwegians - genealogy

Mississppi Mississippi

Mississippi Genealogy "Family Tree" and history
Magnolia Roots: a Mississippi genealogy network
Mississippi Genealogy Network

Missouri Missouri

Missouri Genealogy Network

Montana Montana

Montana Genealogy Network

Nebraska Nebraska

Nebraska Genealogy Network

Nevada Nevada
Nevada Genealogy Network
New Hampshire New Hampshire

New Hampshire Genealogy Network

New Jersey New Jersey

New Jersey Genealogy Network

New Mexico New Mexico
https://www.facebook.com/groups/255419071140350/ New Mexico Genealogy Network]
New York New York

New York Genealogy Network
Colonial Families of Tryon and Montgomery Counties
Get Help With New York Family History

North Carolina North Carolina

North Carolina Genealogy Network
McDowell County Family Genealogy
Haywood County Family Genealogy

North Dakota North Dakota
North Dakota Genealogy Network

North and South Dakota Norwegians - Genealogy

Ohio Ohio

Medina County Ohio History and Genealogy
Southeast Ohio Coal Mining - Family History
SE Ohio Coal Mining -Family History
Ohio Genealogy Network

Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oklahoma Genealogy Network
Oregon Oregon

Oregon Genealogy Network

Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Genealogy Network
Rhode Island Rhode Island
Rhode Island Genealogy Network
South Carolina South Carolina

South Carolina Genealogy Network
South Carolina Genealogy Families

South Dakota South Dakota

South Dakota Genealogy Network
North and South Dakota Norwegians - Genealogy

Tennessee Tennessee
Tennesee Genealogy Network

Overton County Tennessee Genealogy Network
Madison/Gibson/ Carroll and
Henderson County Genealogy

Pickett County Family History Page

Texas Texas
Texas Genealogy Network
Utah Utah
Utah Genealogy Network
Cache Valley History Society
Vermont Vermont

Vermont Genealogy Network

Virginia Virginia

Virginia Genealogy Network

Washington Washington

Washington State Genealogy Network

District of Columbia Washington, District of Columbia
Washington DC Genealogy
West Virginia West Virginia

West Virginia Genealogy Network

Wisconsin Wisconsin

Wisconsin Genealogy Network
Wisconsin Norwegians - Genealogy

Wyoming Wyoming

Wyoming Genealogy Network

Specialty Pages and Groups Related to Genealogy

Page or Group Name Description
Genealogy Research Members of this group help each other with their research.
The Brickwall Club page Based in the UK, this Brickwall Club works to help each other in solving their brick walls in research. Also see their website The Brickwall Club
The Brickwall Club group The group works together with the page by the same name.
The NextGen Genealogy Network This group fosters the next generations' interest in genealogy.
Genealogy and Newspapers A group for anyone who uses newspapers in their family history work.
Autosomal DNA This group talks about geographical and historical origins of your genetic markers.
23andMe Newbies This is a closed group for those who are beginning genetic testing with 23andMe and discussing genealogy and health.
International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) The mission for this group is to be an "advocate for and educate about the use of genetics as a tool for genealogical research, and promote a supportive network for genetic genealogists."

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