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Welcome to the Genealogical Society Webmasters home page. We are, as the name implies, a group of individuals who are actively involved in creating and maintaining the on-line presence (web page, Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Account and/or Wiki) of a Genealogical Society.

We have an active group discussion under way on Facebook (!/groups/GenSocWebmasters/ ). It is a closed group, which means that you will not be able to view the discussion unless/until one of the groups administrators adds you to the group.

Group members (and, hopefully, others) are also in the process of creating and updating additional pages on a variety of topics of interest. These pages are available to anybody: we encourage those with an interest to make full use of the information. We also hope that anybody with information to add will take advantage of the fact that this is a wiki and edit the pages.

Content Management Software (CMS)

As the name implies, a Content Management Software (CMS) package provides a framework that is used to create the web site. Once the initial structure is created this allows users to focus on the content rather than on the mechanics of presenting the information. This has several advantages: 

  • They provide a very consistent look and feel for the entire web site. 
  • Web sites tend to be very standards compliant. This means that the content will be displayed 'correctly' on all browsers and all types of devices (including often overlooked smart phones). 
  • Since knowledge of HTML and CSS is not required, it 'lowers the barrier' for creating and managing content. This may make it possible for a society to have more people creating content.

Popular CMS Packages

Fee Based Software


Working in the Unix environment

Most web hosting services are based on a Unix or Unix-like environment. Knowledge of the areas listed below is not a requirement for you to establish a web presence. However, understanding the underlying technologies will allow you to have much more control over your sites appearance and security.