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Welcome to the Genealogical Society Webmasters home page. We are, as the name implies, a group of individuals who are actively involved in creating and maintaining the on-line presence (web page, Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Account and/or Wiki) of a Genealogical Society.

We have an active group discussion under way on Facebook (!/groups/GenSocWebmasters/ ). It is a closed group, which means that you will not be able to view the discussion unless/until one of the groups administrators adds you to the group.

Group members (and, hopefully, others) are also in the process of creating and updating additional pages on a variety of topics of interest. These pages are available to anybody: we encourage those with an interest to make full use of the information. We also hope that anybody with information to add will take advantage of the fact that this is a wiki and edit the pages.

Working in the Unix environment

Most web hosting services are based on a Unix or Unix-like environment. Knowledge of the areas listed below is not a requirement for you to establish a web presence. However, understanding the underlying technologies will allow you to have much more control over your sites appearance and security.