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                                    This page discusses the steps to obtain genealogical accreditation through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGEN).

ICAPGEN℠ is internationally recognized in setting the standards for the genealogical community through comprehensive written and oral examinations. These examinations test an individual’s competence in genealogical research in a geographic region of the world. A map and list of the current regions is provided here: The tests are administered by a board of qualified commissioners with many years of experience in research within the tested areas. Professional credentials provide benefits to both the genealogical community and the individual and greatly improve and enhance genealogical research as a whole.

Accreditation Steps

Here is a brief outline of the five (5) main steps to acquire accreditation.

  • Step 1: Decide which region or subject area you wish to accredit in. For a list of areas, please visit
  • Step 2: Select a family within the selected area that can be traced back four generations prior to 1900. This does not have to be a straight paternal line or maternal line as long as it is in the same selected region. The four generations of the submitted lineage must have lived in the area being tested at least some time during each of their lifetimes, and prior to 1900. Hence an ascent lineage may begin with a person born in the 1890s whose great-grandparent (and the intervening generations) lived in the same testing area (even for a brief time).
  • Step 3: Fill out the application form and experience tables, which can be found at The combination of the application and the research problem need to reflect an individual’s in-depth knowledge and experience about the records of the chosen region or subject area. These records can be from the Family History Library collection as well as other record collections.
  • Step Four: Written Exam. Once the application and the four-generation project are accepted you will be notified to set a date to take an 8-hour open book written exam.
  • Step Five: Oral Review: Once you have passed the exam, you will have a 1 to 3 hour oral evaluation of the written exam, your four generation project and any weaknesses that were noticed in your research methodology to provide you with an opportunity to strengthen any weak areas.
  • New Accreditation Process
  • FAQs

To learn more about this process along with ICAPGEN℠ itself and a list of current commissioners, Accredited Genealogist professionals, and the latest news of ongoing and upcoming events, please visit


Locating an AG Professional

  • Locate by name, area of speciality, etc.

Professional Ethics

  • List of critera followed by each AG as they seek to truthfully document all research with reliable and honest souces and documentation

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