Gardiner, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers S-Z

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Source: 1900 US Census, District 39, Precinct 24, Gardiner, Colfax County, New Mexico

Note: All households are listed alphabetically. Boarders, workers, or other persons living in a household are listed in that household. The information listed after a persons name is: relationship if not head of the household; month and year of birth; Place of birth; and occupation if listed. Married women will have the total number of their children and the number living at the time of the census, not necessarily living in the home, shown after their place of birth. Cases where the woman was head of the household, her marital status may be shown.

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MackSanders, December 1866, North Carolina, Coal miner; Matilda (wife) March 1875, Virginia; Richard Read (boarder) April 1882, Virginia, Coal Miner; Wiliam Law (boarder) March 1876, Virginia, Coal miner.

Roban (Ruben) Sandoval see Jose M Vigil;

Wiliam Sanford see James Mead;

AndresSansora, July 1874, New Mexico; Josefina (wife) August 1883, New Mexico, married 3 years, 1 child, 1 living; Fabian (son) September 1898, New Mexico.
Mary Sartoris (widow) November 1862, Italy, emigrated 1889, 9 children, 8 living; Antonio (son) August 1887, Italy, emigrated 1889, Coal mine driver; Adolphes (son) September 1886, Italy, emigrated 1889, coal mine motor nipper; Frank (son) June 1890, Oregon; Fred (son) June 1890, Oregon; Mary (daughter) November 1893, Oregon; George (son) October 1895, Oregon; Lena (daughter) June 1897, New Mexico.

John Schmidt see H. C. Norman;

Peter Schnell see Charles Bridewell

Ed Schot see Lena Kefford ;

Jack Schot see Laura Woodie

George Scot see B.R. Ruffens

J.W. Scott, February 1853, Scotland, emigrated 1863, Molder; Margret (wife) August 1870, Mississippi, married 12 years, 1 child, 1 living; Jennie W (daughter) October 18889, Mississippi; James McGraw (boarder) March 1846, Ireland, emigrated 1879, Blacksmith; MelvinBell (boarder) June 1826 England, emigrated 1857, miner; John Snell (boarder) September 1877, Russia, emigrated 1886, Day laborer.

John Scot see James Walton

Mathien Scot (Vent sp?) June 1861, West Virginia, Miner; Emma (wife) May 1867, Ohio, 5 children, 5 living; Eskell (son) July 1887, Ohio; Pearl (daughter) August 1889, West Virginia; Inez (daughter) August 1892, West Virginia; Clifford (son) December 1894, Alabama; Vivian V (daughter) July 1898, Alabama.

Charles Seals see Francisco Abeita;

Marco Sebasliani, June 1858, Italy, emigrated 1888, Level sluck cake oven; Mary (wife) November 1859, Italy, emigrated 1893, married 22 years, 5 children, 4 living; Phelix (son) October 1876, Italy, emigrated 1897, night watchman; Felomena (daughter in law, wife to Phelix) November 1878, Italy, emigrated 1899, no children; Frank (son) february 18889, Italy, emigrated 1893; Rose (daughter) March 1894, Colorado; Tonio (son) October 1895, Colorado; Paul Paesano (boarder) May 1882, Italy, emigrated 1899, Day laborer

Carl Selverta see Antonio Delisse

Elick Sharps, January 1864, North Carolina, Coal miner; Mary (wife) July 1869, Virginia, married 15 years, 5 children, 1 living; Tempie (daughter) february 1889, West Virginia.

P.J. Sheddy see John Evoans

Andrew Shields see D.B. Dugless

Sarah Shields, September 1866, Alabama, 3 children, 1 living; Irah English (boarder) May 1866, Tennessee;

E. G. Shoam (Shoaln sp?) see H. C. Norman

WiliamShort see Sam Heron

C.A. Smily, June 1860, Ohio, Coal miner; Laura (wife) February 1870, Indiana, married 13 years, 5 children, 5 living; Ervy (son) September 1888, Ohio, Coal mine trapper; Nannie (daughter) April 1892, Alabama; Grace (daughter) January 1884, Indiana; John (son) June 1896, Alabama; James (son) December 1897, New Mexico; JoeGill (boarder) February 1861, Alabama, Coal miner; Henry Baggley (boarder) July 1866, Missouri, Coal miner.

J.D.Smith see H. C. Norman

J. E. Smith, June 1844, Illinois, Farmer; J.A. (son) June 1869, Kansas, Farmer; M.M. (daughter in law) February 1874, Kentucky, married 9 years, 3 children, 1 living; Fredie E (grandson) March 1896, Chicasaw Indian Territory; J.H. Boydston (boarder) March 1879, Texas, Day laborer; J.E. Agee (boarder) October 1879, Virginia

J.J.Smith see Francisco Abeita;

J.O. Smith, November 1864, Virginia, Coal miner; Annie (wife) July 1870, Georgia, married 6 years, no children; Fred Miller (partner) August 1875 Tennessee, Coal Miner; Eliza Miller (wife) December 1875, Tennessee, no children.

Mary Smith see George Reed

P.B. Smith see Charles Bridewell

P.R.Smith, March 1857, South Carolina, Coal miner; Emma (wife) September 1858, South carolina, married 23 years, 2 children, 1 living.

R.J. Smith, November 1865, Kansas, Miner; Laurah (wife) May 1879, California, married 4 years, 2 children, 2 living; Elizabeth (daughter) November 1894, New Mexico; Catherine (daughter) August 1898, Oregon.

SamSmith see Howard McLain

William J Smith, December 1877, England, emigrated 1888, Mine boss; Clarah (wife) May 1872, England, married 10 years, 4 children, 4 living; Jonie (son) December 1891, Colorado; Berthie M (daughter) January 1894, Colorado; Harriet W (daughter) May 1896, New Mexico; Clarice (daughter) March 1899, New Mexico; George Felaps (boarder) January 1874, Maryland, Mine driver.

Norman Sneed see Robert Wiliams

Thomas Spragins see S.A. Driver

Ettie Starling (widow) August 1861, Georgia, 1 child, none living, Boarding house; Allice Taylor (daughter) December 1879, Alabama; Cal Trotter (boarder) no date and place of birth, coal miner; Willie Gaines (boarder) November 1895, Colorado

Frank Stephens see Francisco Abeita;

Ed Stigeny (Stiyeng sp?) see Silas Miller

Jim Stodd see Francisco Abeita;

Mike Strasia, January 1869, Italy, emigrated 1892, miner; Mary (wife) May 1882, Italy, emigrated 1895; Jack (son) June 1897, Colorado.

Willie Strottes (Atrottes sp?) see Wiliam Tonie

Charles Stuart, September 1873, Florida, Coal miner; Dan McPherson (partner) December 1869, Alabama, Coal miner

Louis Stubs, April 1874, Georgia, Coal miner; Bessie (wife) June 1883, Alabama, married 3 years, no children.

Peter Sulack, August 1849, Austria, emigrated 1871, Coal miner

M (W?) Supen (Sufess sp?) March 1863, German Austria, Coal miner; Fred Mehl (partner) November 1868, Austria Germany, Coal miner; Lueker (lucky?) Kouch (partner) 1860, Austria Germany, Coal miner; John Poch (partner) 1860, Austria Germany; Frank Blatink (partner) 1842, Austria Germany, Coal miner; Jacob (Jucop sp?) Goluch (partner) 1842, Austria Germany, Coal miner.

Clifford Swank see E.C. Button (Rutton)


Helop (sp?) Taler see H. C. Norman

Allice Taylor, February 1876, Alabama, House recorder; Silas Love (boarder) November 1866, Mississippi, Miner.

Allice Taylor see Ettie Starling

W.D. Taylor, August 1863, Indiana, Coal miner; Hallie A (wife) February 1879, married 6 years, 2 children, 1 living; Neoma (daughter) January 1897, Oregon; Oda Brown (Brother in law) November 1886, Missouri, Mine brakeman,

Chesa Tella, November 1876, Alabama, 1 child, 1 living, Boarding House; Thomas Paden, December 1859, Alabama, Mine car dropper;

Frank Test, September 1860, Ohio, Coal miner.

Cal Thomas see Jim Boon

R.P. Thomas see H. C. Norman

Wit Thomas See Henry Goins

Henry Thornton see Laura Woodie ;

Edward Thorpe, February 1858, England, emigrated 1888, Farmer; Sarah (wife) April 1858, England, emigrated 1888, 7 children, 5 living; Frank (son) September 1882, England, emigrated 1888, machine shop laborer; Ellin (daughter) February 1884, England, emigrated 1888; Harry (son) January 1888, England, emigrated 1888; Kate (daughter) August 1892, New Mexico; Edwin (son) December 1897, New Mexico;

Wiliam Tonie, April 1871, Virginia, Coal miner; Malindia (wife) February 1866, Virginia, married 7 years, 1 child, 1 living; Willie Strottes (Atrottes sp?) (stepson) May 1879, Virginia, Coal miner; Patten Gray (boarder) December 1849, Virginia, Coal Miner.

Joe Towndrow see John Killmurry

Blas Trasbea (sp?) see Lewis Carrillo

John Tracy see George Burks

Cal Trotter see Ettie Starling;

Paneno Trujillo, November 1866, New Mexico, Coal miner; Clara (wife) July 1881, New Mexico, 3 children, 2 living; Alma (daughter) June 1898, New Mexico; Patrick (son) December 1899, New Mexico.

John Turner, November 1858, England, emigrated 1878, Fire Boss; Maggie (wife) July 1867, Wales, emigrated 1881, married 14 years, 6 children, 5 living; Thomas (son) August 1886, Illinois, Mine motor mipper ; Beatrice daughter) October 1889, Illinois; Levi (son) September 1891, Illinois; Iva M. (daughter) September 1893, Illinois; Albert (son) February 1898, New Mexico; Samule Maxwell (boarder) October 1867, Scotland, Machine fitter; John Gilliland (boarder) December 1849, Ireland, Coal miner; William Hopkins (cousin) October 1854, Wales, crippled lost leg;


Burton, Stiles M. and Ed W. Ulmer see Charles Bridewell


S. Valdez see Joe Jannelli

Danais (Dunaos sp?) Vigil, May 1863, New Mexico, Day laborer; Jenobeba M. (wife) July 1868, New Mexico, married 10 years, 7 children, 4 living; Ruben (son) January 1890, New Mexico; Julio (son) July 1892, New Mexico; Lonor (Leonor sp?) (daughter) March 1900, New Mexico.

Guadalupe Vigil, December 1853, New Mexico, Tie contractor; Graciena (wife) October 1861, New Mexico; married 25 years, 12 children, 9 living; Sinforeza (daughter) August 1879, New Mexico; Gregorio (son) May 1880, New Mexico, Teamster; Luiza (daughter) March 1883, New Mexico; Hilario (son) March 1885, New Mexico, Teamster; Cosmes (son) August 1888, New Mexico, Teamster; Julianita (daughter) April 1891; Virginia (daughter) February 1895, New Mexico; Adela (daughter) February 1897, New Mexico; Lucinda (daughter) May 1900, New Mexico.

John Vigil, December 1864, Colorado, Coal miner; Lunbran (wife) September 1874, Colorado, married 12 years, 7 children, 4 living; Lillie (daughter) May 1889, New Mexico; David (son) June 1893, New Mexico; Mene (daughter) November 1896, New Mexico; Abrelia (son) June 1899, New Mexico.

Jose M Vigil, January 1850, New Mexico, Boarding House; Encarnacion (wife) February 1861, New Mexico, married 5 years, 3 children, 3 living; Eugenia (Eynaonca sp?) March 1870, New Mexico; Alfonso (son) July 1899, New Mexico; Noberto (sp?) Montoya (sp?) August 1870, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Vidal Martinez (boarder) August 1850, New Mexico, Day laborer; Francisco Oles (Oler sp?) (boarder) September 1880, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Martin Martinez (boarder) November 1877, New Mexico, Day laborer; Clarance Fry (boarder) October 1881, Kentucky, Day Laborer; Roban (Ruben) Sandoval (boarder) November 1865, New Mexico, Day laborer; Thomas Pottes (boarder) February 1864, Main, Day Laborer;

Jose William Vigil, November 1847, New Mexico, Teamster; Concepcion (Compcion sp?) (wife) July 1865, New Mexico, married 5 years, 2 children, 2 living: Ygnacia (Ynaria sp?) (daughter) August 1894, New Mexico; Alfonzo (son) November 1899, New Mexico;

Juan Vigil, September 1877, New Mexico, Teamster; Escolastica (wife) February 1881, New Mexico, married 3 years, no children.


Wilson Walles (Waller sp?) March 1868, Tennessee, Coal miner; Carry (wife) July 1874, Alabama, married 5 years, no children.

Joe Wallice (Wallace), June 1856, Virginia, Coal Miner; Minnie (wife) December 1850, Virginia, married 25 years, 10 children, 4 living; Bernet (daughter) December 1883, Indiana; Jessie (daughter) February 1884, Indiana; Lillie Homes (daughter) July 1879, Illinois, married 5 years, 1 child, 1 living; Ed Homes (boarder) July 1864, Virginia, Coal miner.

Michel Walsh, December 1847, Ireland, Assistant mine superintendent; Elizabeth (wife) November 1847, Pennsylvania, 8 children, 3 living.

James Walton (Walters sp?) July 1873, Missouri, Coal miner; Rosa B. (wife) August 1870, Virginia, 7 children, 1 living; Eva Adams (step daughter) July 1890, Missouri; John Scot (boarder) July 1864, Alabama, Coal miner.

Columbus Warren, February 1854, Tennessee, Coal miner; Sallie G. (wife) August 1876, Virginia, married 2 years, no children.

Andie Washington see Charlie Anderson

G.H. Webb, October 1855, Illinois, Tie maker; Cara W. (wife) February 1866, Missouri, married 14 years, 6 children, 5 living; Virgie (daughter) June 1888, Missouri; Ida B (daughter) March 1891, Missouri; Clarence B (son) December 1894, Indian Territory; Gracie O (daughter) May 1896, Indian Territory; Not named (daughter) May 1900, Oklahoma.

George Weymouth, February 1864, Kansas, Book keeper; Allice C. (wife) April 1864, Missouri, married 16 years, 5 children, 5 living; Albert H. (son) January 1885, Kansas; Beatrice A. (daughter) May 1887, Kansas; Nettie E (daughter) November 1892; Hazel B (daughter) June 1894, New Mexico; Blanch M (daughter) November 1896, New Mexico; Magie Jones (servant) August 1873, Pennsylvania.

Stanton Wells see Lena Kefford;

Rich White, March 1874, Alabama, Miner; Nelson Ruppe (partner) January 1862, Alabama, Miner; Marry Willis (cook), March 1877, Alabama;

J Whisuant see Francisco Abeita;

Jim White see Francisco Abeita;

Fil Wier see A Evens;

James Wiggs, May 1864, Alabama, Mine manager; J.F.W. Henderson (housekeeper) August 1865, Washington DC,

Cleave Wiliam see Ed Burton

Clay Wiliams see Francisco Abeita;

Ed Wiliams, 1874, Indiana, Coal miner; Ada (wife) Maarch 1880, Iowa, married less than 1 year.

Jim Wiliams, November 1854, Virginia, Coal miner; Susan (wife) March 1875, North Carolina, married 5 years, 1 child, 1 living; Pearl (daughter) March 1895, Iowa; John Wiliams (boarder) July 1869, Missouri, Coal miner; Grogen (boarder) August 1871, North Carolina, Coal miner.

John Wiliams, September 1859 (widowed), Illinois, day laborer;

John Wiliams see Jim Wiliams

John Wiliams see Enlie Lemly

Robert Wiliams, July 1870, Ohio, Coal miner; Annie (wife) July 1879, Georgia, married 1 year, no children; Norman Sneed (boarder) August 1873, Kentucky, Coal miner; Walter Hayford (boarder) February 1881, Virginia, Mine driver;

R.W. Williams see James Mead;

T.W. Wiliams see R. Brooks

Ed Willis, November 1854, Georgia, Coal miner; Mary (wife) October 1869, Alabama, married 11 years, 1 child, 1 living; Mary Davis (step daughter) April 1884, Alabama; Charlie Baker (boarder) no birthdate, Georgia; JoeFreman (boarder) 1875, Virginia.

Marry Willis see Rich White

Lum Wilson See Henry Goins

Ed Wirkhoff, July 1855, Missouri, Coal miner; Jim Jonigin (partner) November 1872, Tennessee, Coal miner; Mamie Paterson, December 1880, Tennessee, Cook.

Laura Woodie, July 1873, Virginia, 1 child, none living, Boarding house; Birdie Damron (partner) november 1879, Missouri, Boarding house partner; Henry Thornton (boarder) August 1873, Kentucky, Coal miner; Jack Schot (boarder) June 1879, Mississippi, mine driver;

G.L. Wright (sp?) see Brice Clinkseels


H.J.Young see Francisco Abeita;


Places of Birth

New Mexico Total (194)

United States Total (571) = Alabama (62); Arizona (2); Arkansas (14); California (2); Choctaw nation (3); Chicasaw (2); Colorado (36); Florida (1); Georgia (22); Illinois (27); Indiana (10); Indian Territory (7); Iowa (9); Kansas (33); Kentucky (18); Louisiana (2); Maine (2); Maryland (1); Massachusets (1); Michigan (2); Minnesota (1); Mississippi (25); Missouri (58); Nebraska (3); New Jersey (1); New York (8); North Carolina (11); Ohio (20); Oklahoma (4); Oregon (8); Pennsylvania (32); South Carolina (7); Tennessee (27); Texas (15); Virginia (73); West Virginia (18); Washington (2); Washington DC (1); Wisconsin (1);

Other Total (153) = Austria (7); English Canada (2); England (58); France (6); Germany (14); Ireland (4); Italy (45); Nova Scotia (1); Russia (3); Scotland (8); Wales (5);


Assistant mine superintendent (1); Bar tender (1); Blacksmith (6); Blacksmith helper (1); Boarding House (8); Bookeeper (3); Carpenter (3); Car carpenter (1); Car repair (2); Cattleman (1); Clerk (1); Coal clumper (1); Coal contractor (1); Coal Miner (245); Coal oven boss (1); Coal puller (3); Coal wayman (2); Coke oven puller (6); Cook (4); Dairyman (1); Day Laborer (35); Draftsman (1); Driver (1); Electrician (2); Farmer (9); Farm laborer (1); Fire Boss (1); Horse mulcher (1); Housekeeper (2); House maid (1); House recorder (1); Livery stable (1); Log Camp cook (1); Lumber dealer (1); Lumberman (3); Machinist (5); Machine shop laborer (1); Mail carrier (1); Marble cutter (1); Meat cutter (1); Mill logman (1); Mine brakeman (3); Mine brick layer (1); Mine car dropper (1); Mine driver (7); Mine boss (1); Mine fire boss (1); Mine foreman (1); Mine helper (2); Mine mail man (1); Mine manager (1); Mine motor nipper (2); Mine stable boss (1); Mine switchman (1); Mine trapper (2); Mining engineer (1); Minographer (1); Molder (1); Motor man (4); Night watchman (4); Nurse (1); Pattern maker (1); Physician (1); Power house fireman (1); Railroad engineer (1); railroad section foreman (1); range Rider (2); Saloon manager (1); School teacher (1); Section hand (2); Sheep herder (1); Shoemaker (1); Stable hand (2); Stationary engineer (4); Station engineer fireman (2); Stone mason (1); Store clerk (2); Store manager (1); Teamster (18); Tie contractor (1); Tie Maker (4); Tipple worker (1); Traction engineer (2); Washerwoman (2); Watchman (3);