Gardiner, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers M-R

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Source: 1900 US Census, District 39, Precinct 24, Gardiner, Colfax County, New Mexico



Nick Manaiun (sp?) January 1870, Italy, emigrated 1899, Day Laborer; Nellie (wife) January 1875, Italy, 2 children, 1 living; Charls (son) October 1894, New Mexico.

H. Manzanarez (Mazanarez) may 1874, New Mexico, Sheep Herder; Marcina (wife) July 1860, New Mexico, married 12 years, 2 children, 2 living; Jane (daughter) August 1886, New Mexico; Stella (daughter) July 1888, New Mexico; B. Rellmeindo (sp Bellmerndo) (brother in law) August 1877, New Mexico.

Charls Mardile see Prelela Donato

Delbert I. Martin, December 1872, Arkansas, Car repair; Hettie (wife) February 1879, Arkansas, married 9 years, 3 children, 2 living; Leslie (son) October 1894, Missouri; Bulah (daughter) August 1892, Missouri; Frank Frey (boarder) July 1877, Missouri.

Fred and Pacifio Martinez see Pilar Decrera

Samule Maxwell see John Turner

John Mayer, May 1868, France, emigrated 1894, Coal miner; Pauline (wife) May 1872, France, emigrated 1894, 4 children, 2 living; Artulia (Vitulia sp?) April 1894, France, emigrated 1894; Juliah (daughter) March 1898, Colorado; Elie Carlerman (roomer) July 1872, France, emigrated 1892, Coal miner.

Gallio Mazzarith see Frank Della Peazza

Zachariah McClay, October 1844, Indiana, Farmer; Mary (wife) September 1849, Missouri, 5 children, 4 living; Josef W (son) June 1886, Missouri; Lucinda (daughter) April 1881, Missouri; Uriah, son, August 1891, Chickawa.

Arther McCune see John Killmurry

Bob and Edward McDaniel see Charles Harbet

Ed McEvay (McEnoy sp?) see H. C. Norman

James McGraw see J.W. Scott

W. B. McKinney, May 1862, Mississippi, Mine foreman; Flora (wife) April 1878, South Carolina, married 2 years, no children.

Howard McLain, December 1864, Illinois, Deryman; Hannah (wife) April 1873, England, 5 children, 4 living; Blanch (daughter) December 1892, New Mexico; Harvy (son) June 1893, New Mexico; Pearl (daughter) September 1895, New Mexico; Named (sp?) (daughter) September 1899, New Mexico; Sam Smith (brother in law) April 1875, England, crippled.

John McNeil, August 1871, Ohio, Coal miner; Christine (wife) June 1879, Pennsylvania, 1 child, 1 living; John E. (son) August 1893, Arkansas.

Andrew McSweeney, May 1887, Kansas, marble cutter; Riertie (sister) November 1876, Kansas; Sophiah Gladhill (sister) July 1875, Kansas, 1 child, 1 living; Cathrine Gladhill (niece) February 1897, Kentucky

Fred Mehl See (W?) Supen (Sufess sp?)

Florance Miligan see Charles Lamddin

J. A. Miller, February 1864, Kansas, Machinist; Virginia (wife) March 1864, Maryland , 2 children, 2 living; Grant (son) July 1890, Colorado; Goldie (daughter) February 1896, Colorado.

Jimima Mitchel, February 1868, Wales, Wash woman; William T (son) February 1889, Colorado; Myrtle (daughter) June 1893, New Mexico.

Juan Montoria (Montoya sp?) June 1876, New Mexico, Day laborer; Felicita (wife) July 1875, new Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Guillermo (son) May 1900, New Mexico.

JohnMoon see H. C. Norman

Pablo Moya, July 1876, Colorado, Day laborer; Leta (wife) August 1879, Colorado, married 3 years, 1 chil, 1 living; Amelia (daughter) February 1899, Colorado.

Albert Muculun (Mueulun sp?), June 1854, Germany, Machinist; Cathrine (wife) November 1864, Michigan, married 16 years, 2 children, 2 living; Kitty (daughter) September 1886, Ohio; Essie (daughter) May 1887, Illinois; Wilderbelt J (roomer) September 1868, no country or place given, Pattern maker.

Carl Mufluamico see Gi Bastiani

Kenneth Murray, July 1871, England, emigrated 1893, Minographer; Elizabeth (wife) April 1871, England, emigrated 1893, married less than 1 year, no children.

Joe Murry, August 1870, Nebraska, day laborer; Georgia (wife) February 1880, Oklahoma, 1 child, 1 living; Eddie Duncan (step son) July 1897, Choctaw

Jack Myer see H. C. Norman;


H. C. Norman, December 1855, Ohio, railroad section foreman; Josephine (wife) June 1865, Illinois, married 19 years, 11 children, 5 living; Horton (son) December 1884, Kansas; Mabell E. (daughter) March 1887, Kansas; Henry (son) December 1889, Kansas; Mirtle (daughter) 1892, Kansas; Nick Goldworth (boarder) November 1863, Kentucky, Stationary engineer; N.P. Holdcumb (boarder) 1848, Kentucky; R.T. Grey (boarder) 1878, Kansas, Carpenter; Theadore Bane (boarder) 1876, Kansas, Coal miner; Ed McEvay (McEnoy sp?) (boarder) June 1874, New York, watchman; Helop (sp?) Taler (boarder) 1870, Minnesota, Cook; Sam Gendermont (boarder) Arkansas, coal miner; R. Hobson (boarder) 1868, Texas, watchman; Clide Harr (H*rr sp?) (boarder) 1872, New York, watchman; R.P. Thomas (boarder) 1858, Pennsylvania, Station engineer; Jack Myer (boarder) 1860, Pennsylvania, Coal miner; John Moon (boarder) 1876, Pennsylvania, Coal miner; E. Roaker (boarder) 1876, Pennsylvania, Coal miner; D. Evens (boarder) 1870, Pennsylvania, Coal miner; E. G. Shoam (Shoaln sp?) (boarder) 1870, Pennsylvania, Coal miner; S. Fleimyin (boarder) 1865, Pennsylvania, Coal miner; Ira Denton (boarder) 1877, Pennsylvania, Coal miner; J.D. Smith (boarder) 1870, Pennsylvania, Coalminer; John Schmidt (boarder) 1875, Pennsylvania, Coal miner;


James Overhulser, October 1875, Missouri, Car carpenter; Rosie (wife) July 1881, Missouri; no children

E.C. Owens, September 1855, Missouri, Farmer; Viola A (wife) August 1849, Missouri, 3 children, 2 living; Leslie U (son) September 1869, Arkansas, Car repair.


Paul Paesano see Marco Sebasliani

George Parris see George Booth

Joe Pateri see Antonio Delisse

Dick Pedin see John Killmurry

GeorgePen, March 1862, Virginia, Miner; Sarah (wife) December 1876, West Virginia, married 6 years, 4 children, 3 living; Howard (son) January 1895, West Virginia; Edith (daughter) october 1896, West Virginia; unnamed son, February 1900, Kansas.

John Poch See (W?) Supen (Sufess sp?)

Ralph Pompea, November 1863, Italy, emigrated 1872, fill creek at ovens.

C.H.Plumb, July 1877, Missouri, Mining engineer; Mary (wife) March 1877, Missouri, 1 child, 1 living; Charles J (son) November 1897, New Mexico.


Greene Randolf, September 1895, Georgia, Miner; Biddie Harris (mistress) May 1875, Kentucky.

George Reed, June 1866, North Carolina, Coal miner; Ida, April 1876, Illinois, married 8 years, 3 children, 2 living; Hazel I (daughter) May 1894, Indian Territory; Mary Smith (step daughter) October 1890, Indian Territory.

Erman (Herman) Reffardi (Rezzardi sp?) see Lucy Bruneli

B. Rellmeindo (sp Bellmerndo) see H Manzanares

Robert Reynelds, April 1879, Tennessee, Miner; Mary E. (wife) February 1881, Tennessee, married 1 year, 1 child, none living.

John Robinson see John Easter

Lee Robinson, January 1875, Missouri, Carpenter; Rachel (wife) November 1876, Ohio, 3 children, 2 living; Roy E. (son) July 1894, Texas; Elinor (daughter) April 1898, New Mexico;

Carl Robson, July 1861, England, emigrated 1888, Coal miner; Margret (wife) February 1854, England, emigrated 1888, married 15 years, 10 children, 7 living; Ruth (daughter) November 1885, England, emigrated 1888; Joseph (son) April 1887, England, emigrated 1888; Carl (son) December 1888, New Mexico; Lizzie (daughter) march 1890, New Mexico; Margret (daughter) December 1894, New Mexico; Ralph (son) October 1896, New Mexico; Elmer (son) March 1898, New Mexico.

Harry Rodda (Rodela sp?) January 1858, England, emigrated 1872, Clerk; Ida K (wife) April 1858, New York, married 23 years, 11 children, 7 living; Benjmin G (son) August 1882, Pennsylvania; Harry J (son) April 1884, Pennsylvania; Nettie B (daughter) December 1885, Pennsylvania; Grace E (daughter) February 1888, Colorado; Thomas U (son) March 1892, Colorado; Edward S (son) April 1894, New Mexico; Elizabeth M. (daughter) November 1896, New Mexico.

E. Roaker see H. C. Norman

B.R. Ruffens, December 1861, Kansas, Coal miner; George Scot (partner) November 1861, Missouri, Coal miner.

Harry Ruffner see Fred Humphreys

Louis Ruffo see Joseph Chianali

Nelson Ruppe see Rich White

Thomas H Main, July 1841, Texas, Tie Maker; Mary (wife) October 1861, Arkansas, married 9 years, 7 children, 5 living; Elizabeth (daughter) March 1887, Texas; Leam I (sp?) (daughter) April 1894, New Mexico; Charles E. (son) July 1897, New Mexico;

Paco Manteca, September 1879, New Mexico, Tie maker; Aglio (brother) November 1871, New Mexico, teamster;

Davis Marsh, June 1874, Mississippi, coal miner; Hattie (wife) May 1876, Alabama, married 7 years, no children; Jinkins Price (roomer) March 1876, Georgia, Coal miner; James Medcafe (roomer) October 1881, Mississippi, Coal miner;

Jose Martez (Martinez sp?), March 1865, New Mexico, Day laborer;

Martin Martinez see Jose M Vigil;

Vidal Martinez see Jose M Vigil;

Fernando Martins (Martinez?) April 1865, New Mexico, Teamster; Soledad Ribera (wife) May 1866, New Mexico, married 20 years, 9 children, 5 living; Eusebia (daughter) July 1889, New Mexico; Abel (son) December 1892, New Mexico; Eduardo (son) July 1887, New Mexico; Maria Francisca (daughter) May 1890, New Mexico; Olimpia (daughter) May 1895, New Mexico.

Gus Mathiews, May 1865, Georgia, Coal miner

Charles Mathiews, June 1872, Texas, coal miner

W.H. McAlpine, August 1865, Nova Scotia, emigrated 1879, Mail carrier; Scharlett (wife) December 1873, New Mexico, married 8 years, 1 child, 1 living; Grace (daughter) November 1893, New Mexico;

W.M. McClum see John Medlock

Nulis McDougal, September 1857, Illinois, Mill logman; Emma (wife) May 1857, Missouri, married 4 years, 12 children, 8 living; Harry (adopted son) February 1890, Kansas; Willis (adopted son) June 1893, Kansas; Bessie (adopted daughter) June 1893, Kansas; Ray (adopted son) June 1895, Kansas; Roy (adopted son) June 1895, Kansas.

Thomas McMurdo, March 1856, Illinois, Day Laborer; James (son) April 1889, New Mexico, Range rider; Charlie (son) May 1883, New Mexico, Range rider.

Dan McPherson see Charles Stuart

Wil McRight, July 1859, Virginia, Coal miner; Lastenia Moore (cook) December 1880, Georgia, house keeper.

James Mead, March 1864, Virginia, Coal Miner; Mary (wife) March 1861, Virginia, 5 children, 1 living; Wiliam Sanford (boarder) June 1861, Virginia, Coal miner; R.W. Williams (boarder) August 1877, South Carolina, Coal miner; George Johnson (boarder) July 1877, Virginia, Coal miner; Harry Linch (boarder) November 1871, Virginia, Coal miner; Frank Banister (boarder) December 1869, Virginia, Coal miner; Jim Laury (Lauren sp?) (boarder) August 1861, Alabama, Coal miner; Tim Colman (boarder) October 1876, Kansas, Coal miner.

James Medcafe see Davis Marsh

John Medlock, February 1862, Tennessee, Coal miner; Minnie (wife) July 1875, Missouri, married 4 years, 2 children, none living; W.M. McClum (boarder) August 1854, Mississippi, Coal miner; John Moss (brother in law) July 1875, Missouri, Coal miner.

Fred and Eliza Miller see J.O. Smith

Henry Miller, April 1864, Virginia, Coal miner; Jim Miller (partner) July 1875, Alabama, Coal miner; John Fields (partner) March 1873, Tennessee, coal miner;

J.A. Miller, December 1859, Kansas, Coal miner; Lilian (wife) November 1886, Georgia, married 3 years, 2 children, none living; E.C. Johnson (boarder) November 1874, West Virginia, Coal miner.

Silas Miller, August 1847, Virginia, Coal miner; Ed Stigeny (Stiyeng sp?) (partner) January 1857, Alabama, Coal miner;

Juan C. , Benita ans Felipe Montoya see Gunendo Ortiz

Norberto Montoya (sp?) see Jose M Vigil;

Henry Moore, July 1864, Kentucky, Coal Miner; Mary (wife) August 1874, Missouri, married 5 years, 2 children, 1 living;

Lastenia Moore see Wil McRight

Kid Morgan see Henry Orr

Frank Morton (Marton sp?) May 1849, Virginia, Coal miner; Mary (wife) October 1882, Kentucky, married less than 1 year; Allice (daughter) May 1887, Illinois

John Moss see John Medlock

James Neal see John Philips

Henry Oddry see Ed Burton

R.A. Oldham, September 1861, Missouri, Cattleman

Francisco Oles (Oler sp?) see Jose M Vigil;

W.D. Olfin see Francisco Abeita;

George Oliver see Henry Bomba

Henry Orr, April 1874, Alabama, Coal miner; Amanda (wife) April 1865, Mississippi, 5 children, 2 living; Judson Briggs (stepson) March 1890, Mississippi; Garfield Greene (boarder) October 1878, Tennessee, Coal miner; Kid Morgan (boarder) no date or place of birth, Coal miner.

Gunendo Ortiz, January 1857, New Mexico, Teamster; Maria Inez (wife) February 1858, New Mexico, married 21 years, 7 children, 3 living; Macario (son) July 1884, New Mexico; Nicolas (son) February 1895, New Mexico; Juan C. Montoya (son in law) March 1874, New Mexico, Teamster; Benita Montoya (daughter, Juan's wife) September 1881, New Mexico, married 3 years, 1 child, 1 living; Felipe Montoya(grandson) Ocotber 1899, New Mexico; Pablo Rodriguez (hand) November 1878, New Mexico, Day laborer

P.S. Oslon, September 1874, Alabama, Coal miner; Annie (wife) November 1876, Alabama, married 7 years, 2 children, none living;

Frank Owens, July 1869, Virginia, Coal miner; Julia (wife) August 1879, Virginia, 4 children, 2 living; Harry (son) March 1894, Washington; Clarance (son) April 1897, Oregon.

Thomas Paden see Chesa Tella

Mamie Paterson see Ed Wirkhoff

Henry and Samie Peddie see Sam Heron

JohnPhilips, April 1871, Virginia, Coal Miner; Maggie (wife) December 1849, Ohio, 7 children, 6 living; James Neal (stepson) September 1880, Iowa, Coal miner.

Thomas Pottes see Jose M Vigil

Jinkins Price see Davis Marsh

Richard Read see Mack Sanders

Cap Richards see Francisco Abeita;

Joe Ricky, September 1874, Massachusetts, Cook.

Wiliam Roberts, November 1879, West Virginia, Coal miner; Francis (wife) May 1877, Alabama;

Al Robinson, February 1862, Missouri, Traction engineer; Elizabeth (wife) September 1874, Kentucky, married 2 years, 2 children, 1 living; Alfreda M. (daughter) December 1891, Texas; Roy (son) December 1893, New Mexico; Edith E (daughter) May 1898, New Mexico;

Laid Robinson see A Evens;

Marshel Robinson see Jennie Derke (decke sp?)

Wil Robinson see A Evens;

Pablo Rodriguez see Gunendo Ortiz

Effel Rubinns (Robinson sp?) see John Lomax

Rusha Runazy, December 1875, Alabama, Coal miner; Hilda (wife) December 1876, Alabama, 3 children, 3 living; Richard (son) July 1898, Alabama.

Mary Russel, June 1861, Virginia, 4 children, 2 living; Harvy Cooper (boarder) May 1862, North Carolina, Coal miner.