Gardiner, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers G-L

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Source: 1900 US Census, District 39, Precinct 24, Gardiner, Colfax County, New Mexico



Willie Gaines see Ettie Starling

Jose Gallegos, September 1896, New Mexico, New Mexico, Blacksmith

Domenich Garcia (Farcia sp?) see Antinie Cicane

Jane (June sp?) and Manwell (Manuel) Garcia see Pablo Baca

John Garcia, May 1874, New Mexico, Coal miner; Eliza (wife) June 1873, New Mexico, 2 children, 1 living; Della (daughter) May 1899, New Mexico; Estella (sister in law) July 1886, New Mexico; Manuell (sp?) (brother) September 1888, New Mexico; Perfeto (brother) October 1896, New Mexico.

Wilard Gravley, August 1878, Virginia, coal miner; Emma (wife) October 1879, Virginia, no children; Dave Brogh (partner) September 1888, Tennessee, Coal miner; Nannie Brogh (wife) October 1870, Iowa, married 6 years, 1 child, 1 living.

Patten Gray see Wiliam Tonie

Sam Gendermont see H. C. Norman

Joe Gill see C.A. Smily

John Gilliland see JohnTurner

Catherine and Sophiah Gladhill see Andrew McSweeney

Henry Goins, December 1875, West Virginia, Coal miner; Mary Howardon (mistress) February 1883, West Virginia; Wit Thomas (boarder) 1875, West Virginia, Mine driver; Lum Wilson (boarder) 1870, place not given, Coal miner.

Nick Goldworth see H. C. Norman

Jacob (Jucop sp?) Goluch See (W?) Supen (Sufess sp?)

A.D. Greene, January 1868, Virgnia, Coal miner.

Buck Greene see George Burks

G. Greene see Francisco Abeita;

Garfield Greene see Henry Orr

R.T. Grey see H. C. Norman

David Grifeth see William Lark

Grogen see Jim Wiliams

Ortiz Gunendo, January 1857, New Mexico, Teamster; Maria Inez (wife) February 1858, New Mexico, married 21 years, 7 children, 3 living; Macario (son) July 1884, New Mexico; Nicolas (son) February 1895, New Mexico; Juan C. Montoya (son in law) March 1874, New Mexico, Teamster; Benita Montoya (daughter, Juan's wife) September 1881, New Mexico, married 3 years, 1 child, 1 living; Felipe Montoya(grandson) Ocotber 1899, New Mexico; Pablo Rodriguez (hand) November 1878, New Mexico, Day laborer


Albert Haddley, January 1876, Colorado, Miner; Kate (wife) August 1871, Kansas, no children.

Jane Hall see Mary Belton

J.L. Hall, May 1849, Iowa, Meat cutter.

David Hanson, November 1854, England, emigrated 1878, Night watchman; Elizabeth (wife) November 1856, Wales, married 25 years, 8 children, 4 living; Iva (daughter) February 1883, Illinois; Moses (son) May 1894, New Mexico.

Charles B Harbet, January 1875, Texas, Day laborer; Leana 9wife) october 1880, Chocktaw, 2 children, 2 living; Bryant (son) February 1897, Oklahoma; Scot (son) February1898, Oklahoma; Bob McDaniel (boarder) July 1875, Missouri, Day laborer; Edward McDaniel (boarder) September 1878, Missouri, Day laborer; B. Clay (boarder) October 1871, Missouri, Section Hand; Ben Harbert (cousin) September 1872, Texas, night watchman

Clide Harr (H*rr sp?) see H. C. Norman

Biddie Harris see Greene Randolff

Mike Hartwick (Hartmch sp?) August 1877, New Mexico, Blacksmith helper; Mary (wife) September 1879, New Mexico, married 4 years, no children.

J.F.W. Henderson see James Wiggs

R. W. Henderson see D.B. Dugless

Mike Himonino see Joseph Chianali

Ren Hivri, July 1880, Italy, emigrated 1895.

R. Hobson see H. C. Norman

W.R. Hobson, January 1869, Texas, Night watchman;

N.P. Holdcumb see H. C. Norman

William Hopkins see JohnTurner

S. Hosteller see George Huntly

Mary Howardon See Henry Goins

Fred Humphreys, October 1869, New York, Coal miner; Edna (wife) July 1877, New York, married less than 1 year; Harry Ruffner (roomer) February 1869, Missouri, bar tender.

George Huntly, June 1869, Wisconsin, Coal miner; J.F. Churlly (Church sp?) (partner) Colorado, day laborer; S. Hosteller (partner) February 1850, Ohio, Stone mason.


Mose Irmun (Inman sp?) July 1873, Georgia, Coal miner; Mary (wife) July 1866, Georgia, married 2 years, 2 children, none living; Berry Fook (boarder) August 1880, Alabama, driver.


James, Laurah and May Jackson see Mary Belton

Robert Jacops, July 1875, Missouri, Coal miner; Erie (wife) November 1876, Virginia.

John Jinkins, March 1854, England, emigrated 1877, Livery stable; Sarah (wife) June 1864, Illinois, married 17 years, 3 children, 3 living; Thomas (son) January 1884, New Mexico, Team driver; John (son) November 1886, Stable hand; Wiliam (son) November 1884, New Mexico, Stable hand.

Francis Johnson see Will Adams

Richard Johnson, October 1872, England, emigrated 1880, Miner; Ann (wife) July 1876, England, emigrated 1880, 5 children, 2 living; Joseph (son) August 1896, New Mexico; Lizzie (daughter) January 1900, Colorado.

Sam Johnson, August 1869, Virginia, Coal miner; Lucy (wife) September 1875, Virginia, married 14 years, 3 children, 1 living; Ralf (son) November 1886, Virginia.

Magie Jones see George Weymouth


Charles Kadel see George Bridewell

Thomas Kent see Len Bogardus

John Killmurry, August 1852, Scotland, emigrated 1877, Farmer; Cathrin (wife) May 1852, Scotland, emigrated 1878, married 22 years, 9 children, 5 living; Mathiew (son) September 1879, Pennsylvania, Mine driver; Ritchard (son) February 1884, Ohio, Day laborer; James (son) August 1888, Indiana; Eddie (son) July 1891, New Mexico; Dick Pedin (boarder) 1852, Scotland; Arther McCune (boarder) 1870, Ireland; Joe Towndrow (boarder) November 1872, England, emigrated 1872, Coal miner.

Steve Knrelhus (Knydhus sp?) August 1872, Russia, Coal miner; Erline (wife) August 1882, Russia, 4 children, 2 living; Eva E. (daughter) April 1894, Texas; John (son) April 1886, Scotland.

Lueker (lucky?) Kouch See (W?) Supen (Sufess sp?)


Antonio Lalama (Salama sp?) see Ralph Lucco

Charles Lamddin, August 1861, Illinois, Stationary engineer; Ida (wife) March 1871, Missouri, 1 child, 1 living; Florance Miligan (stepdaughter) October 1893, Kansas.

Thomas Lark, November 1875, England, emigrated 1890, Miner; Sophiah (wife) May 1875, California, no children.

William Lark, November 1845, England, emigrated 1887, Mine stable boss; Anne (wife) November 1842, England, Married 27 years, 12 children, 9 living; William Jr. (son) March 1879, England, Coal miner; Simon (son) December 1882, Englabd, Mine motor man; James (son) November 1886, England, Mine trapper; David Grifeth (boarder) November 1846, Pennsylvania, Coal miner

Gus Larson, December 1864, Pennsylvania, Coal miner

Edward Lawless, October 1861, Missouri, Coal miner; Matilda M (wife) April 1867, Missouri, married 21 years, 5 children, 5 living; Charles (son) July 1882, Missouri, Miner; Birtie A (son) September 1884, Missouri, Miner; Fred L. (son) September 1886, Missouri, Mine switchman; Edie L (son) September 1888, Missouri, mine brakeman.

J. Leminy (Leming sp?) see Jackson Bowlware

C.R. Linthecome, September 1865, Virginia, Coal miner; Mary E. (wife) December 1876, Virginia, married 7 years, 3 children, 2 living; Victoria (daughter) December 1890, Washington; Bell (daughter) February 1893, Colorado.

Epimono Lopiez (Lopier sp?) July 1876, New Mexico, Miner; Matelina (wife) August 1882, New Mexico marrried 3 years, 1 child, 1 living; Rosie (daughter) January 1899, New Mexico.

James Lizzie and Edith Loyd see Jack Dillon

Ralph Lucco, June 1877, Italy, emigrated 1892, Blacksmith; Elexander Dealesantro (partner) April 1873, Italy, emigrated 1888, Pool coak at ovens; Antonio Dealesantro (partner) June 1867, Italy, emigrated 1890, day laborer; Antonio Lalama (Salama sp?) partner November 1871, Italy, emigrated 1897, Day laborer.


Bob Hammonds, April 1870, Alabama, Coal miner; Malissie (mother) July 1851, Alabama, 18 children, 5 living; Dock (brother) April 1881, Alabama, coal miner.

R.W. Hardman see Francisco Abeita;

Ed H Harris see Moses Dance

John Harris see John Lomax

John Harris see Lena Kefford;

Walter Hayford see Robert Wiliams

Sam Heron', August 1872, Mississippi, Coal miner; Sadonia (wife) September 1871, Mississippi, 4 children, 3 living; HenryPeddie (step son) June 1891, Mississippi; Samie Peddie (step son) November 1897, Alabama; EdDotson'(Patson sp?) (boarder) November 1874, Mississippi, coal miner; Wiliam Short (boarder) December 1881, Alabama, Coal miner;

Wash A Higton see Francisco Abeita;

Jim Holland see Sam Culverson

Lillie and Ed Homes see Joe Wallice (Wallace)

James Huggo (Hiyyo sp?) see Francisco Abeita;

Joe Jannelli, May 1858, Italy, emigrated 1884, Coal miner; Margret (wife) July 1856, New Mexico, married 4 years, 3 children, 1 living; S. Valdez (step son) September 1876, New Mexico, Coal miner.

E.C. Johnson see J.A. Miller

George Johnson see James Mead;

George D Johnston, March 1868, Illinois, Coal miner; Henry Linch (partner) July 1863, Tennessee, Coal miner

John Jones see Moses Dance

Sam Jones see M.D. Danial

Jim Jonigin see Ed Wirkhoff

Frank E Kearney, March 1840, Canada, emigrated 1863, Lumberman; Trobraly E (son) May 1880, Nebraska, Lumber dealer; Clarey RBurton (son in law) September 1875, Kansas, Lumberman

Lena Kefford (widow) November 1872, Missouri, no children, School teacher; Stanton Wells (boarder) no date given, Alabama, coal miner; John Harris (boarder) no date given, Mississippi; Coal miner; Ed Schot (boarder) August 1874, Georgia, Coal miner; Tom Freman (boarder) September 1877, Georgia, Coal miner.

Wiliam King see Francisco Abeita;

Jim Laury (Lauren sp?) see James Mead;

Wiliam Law see Mack Sanders

Enlie Lemly, June 1873, Kentucky, Boarding house; Josh Ash (boarder) July 1878, Mississippi, coal miner; IkeBruer (boarder) October 1882, Mississippi, Mine driver; Robert Bell (boarder) June 1879, Mississippi, Coal miner; John Wiliams (cook) June 1844, Virginia, Cook.

Lige Lewis see Francisco Abeita

Harry Linch see James Mead;

John Lomax, June 1861, South Carolina, Coal Miner; Sybbie (wife) July 1882, Tennessee, married 2 years, 1 child, 1 living; Johni (son) October 1894, Alabama; Effel Rubinns (Robinson sp?) (step daughter) January 1897, Kansas; John Harris (roomer) February 1869, Alabama.

Pansy L Love see Charlie Chambers

Silas Love see Allice Taylor

S.L. Lowe see Francisco Abeita;

Benito Lucero, March 1856, New Mexico, Teamster; Feliciana (wife) July 1850, New Mexico, married 18 years, 10 children, 9 living; Florencio (son) August 1884, New Mexico, Teamster; Manuell (son) September 1890, New Mexico; Luis (son) June 1895, New Mexico;