Gardiner, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers A-F

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Source: 1900 US Census, District 39, Precinct 24, Gardiner, Colfax County, New Mexico

Note: All households are listed alphabetically. Boarders, workers, or other persons living in a household are listed in that household. The information listed after a persons name is: relationship if not head of the household; month and year of birth; Place of birth; and occupation if listed. Married women will have the total number of their children and the number living at the time of the census, not necessarily living in the home, shown after their place of birth. Cases where the woman was head of the household, her marital status may be shown.

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Francisco Abeita, November 1850, New Mexico, Teamster, Boarding House; Rufina (wife) December 1874, 7 children, 3 living; Jose W. (son) November 1898, New Mexico; G.W. Arnett (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Frank Stephens (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; J Whisuant (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; W.D.Olfin (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Jim Butler (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; WiliamKing (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Wash A Higton (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Charles Seals (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Clay Wiliams  (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Cap Richards (boarder) January 1857, Kentucky, Coal Miner; Joe Frances (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Jim Stodd (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Jim White (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; George Atus (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; J.J. Smith (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; R. Brooks (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; R.W. Hardman (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; S.L. Lowe (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; James Huggo (Hiyyo sp?) (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Sy Betts (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; G. Green (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; H.J. Young, (boarder) no date or place of birth given, Coal Miner; Lige Lewis, April 1876, Louisiana, Coal Miner;

Eva Adams see James Walton 

Will Adams, June 1874, Virginia, Coal miner; Winie (wife) July 1880, Virginia; Charlie (son) April 1896, Virginia; Francis Johnson (mother in law) May 1854, Virginia, 9 children, 8 living; Ruby Cheadnard (sister in law) July 1882, Virginia; Sam Benny (boarder) March 1865, Mississippi, Coal miner;

J.E. Agee see J.E. Smith

J.W. Alarid, July 1866, New Mexico, Blacksmith; Lupita (wife) December 1882, New Mexico, married less than a year, no children; Wilius (son) February 1892, New Mexico;

Elizabeth Alford (widow) March 1854, England, emigrated 1882, 5 children, 2 living,Boarding house; Emlie (daughter) March 1878, England, emigrated 1882.

W.J. Allison (Allsom sp?) August 1872, Kentucky, railroad engineer; Hattie B (wife) July 1876, Missouri, married 6 years, 2 children, 2 living; Byron Lee (son) April 1895, Kansas; Virginia T 9daughter) May 1898, New Mexico.

Demster Alomia (Atomia sp?) August 1870, Austria Germany, emigrated 1886, Miner; Elisa (wife) March 1865, Austria Germany, emigrated 1887, married 16 years, 7 children, 5 living; Ricardio (son) October 1885, Austria Germany; Willie (son) December 1891, Pennsylvania; Rulph (son) March 1893, Pennsylvania; Mary (daughter) March 1897, Pennsylvania; Joe (son) March 1898, Colorado.

Charlie Anderson, July 1874, Alabama, Coal miner; Hattie (wife) May 1870, Ohio, married 1 year, no children; Andie Washington (boarder) March 1876, Mississippi, Coal miner;

Jose Aragon, September 1876, Colorado, Day laborer.

Felix Archeletta (sp? Archuleta), December 1863, New Mexico, Coal miner; Eliza (wife) February 1875, New Mexico, married 9 years, 2 children, 2 living.

Angelo, Joe and Lorance Arginta (Aryinta sp?) see Frank Della Peazza

Mathew Arkle, March 1851, England, emigrated 1883, Coal miner; Elizabeth (wife) June 1845, England, emigrated 1883, 14 children, 11 living; John (son) June 1877, England, emigrated 1883, Coal miner; Mary (daughter) June 1882, England, emigrated 1883; Sarah J (daughter) April 1885, Ohio; Phills (daughter) March 1887, Ohio; Mathiew (son) April 1889, New Mexico; Dinah (daughter) October 1892, New Mexico; Lillie (daughter) April 1893, New Mexico; Florance (daughter) July 1895, New Mexico; Richard (son) October 1899, New Mexico; Robert Denison (boarder) September 1879, no place given, Coal miner; Wiliam Denison (boarder) July 1870, no place given, Coal miner.

G.W. Arnett see Francisco Abeita;

Josh Ash see Enlie Lemly 

Brian (Baiano sp?) Atoie, February 1867, Italy, emigrated 1887, Coal miner; Delfine (wife) January 1871, Italy, emigrated 1891, 5 children, 4 living; Peter (son) December 1894, Illinois; John (son) April 1895, Illinois; Joe (son) July 1897, Illinois; Thomas (son) September 1899 (son) Illinois.

George Atus see Francisco Abeita;


Pablo Baca (Buca sp?) November 1869, Colorado, Farmer; Prudencia (wife) March 1873, Colorado, married 6 years, 4 children, 3 living. Orlando (son) July 1894, Colorado; Amelia (daughter) May 1897, Colorado; Max (son) December 1898, New Mexico; Jane (June sp?) Garcia (adopted daughter) June 1885, Colorado; Manwell (Manuel sp?) Garcia (boarder) (widower) February 1861, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Henry Baggley see C.A. Smily

Charlie Baker See Ed Willis,

John Baley, July 1859, Virginia, Coal miner; Callie (wife) August 1869 Virginia; Ed Taylor (boarder) May 1879, Georgia, Coal miner;

Theadore Bane see H. C. Norman

Frank Banister see James Mead;

Gi Bastiani, March 1862, Italy, emigrated 1888, pull coal; Carl Mufluamico (sp) (partner) January 1880, Italy, emigrated 1893, pull coal.

Charlie Bead (Read sp?) October 1876, North Carolina, Coal miner; Annie (wife) October 1874, Georgia no children;

Melvin Bell see J.W. Scott

Robert Bell see Enlie Lemly ;

B. Rellmeindo (sp Bellmerndo) see Manzanares

Iric Belton, April 1879, England, emigrated 1890, Miner; Amelia (wife) November 1875, England, emigrated 1891, married 4 years, 1 child, 1 living; Selina (daughter) March 1897, New Mexico.

Mary Belton (widow) June 1840, England, emigrated 1880, Midwife; Jane Hall (boarder) November 1860, England, emigrated 1880, Horse mulch; James T Belton (son) March 1863, England, emigrated 1880, Motor man; James Jackson (grandson) April 1894, New Mexico; May A Jackson (grand daughter) May 1896, New Mexico; Laurah J Jackson (grand daughter) April 1898, New Mexico.

F.R. Bernette, January 1863, Michigan, Blacksmith; Loretta (wife) November 1878, New Mexico, married 3 years, 2 children, 2 living; Elsa (daughter) July 1897, New Mexico; Pearl (daughter) October 1899, New Mexico;

William Betlon (sp Belton) may 1861, England, emigrated 1880, motor man; Mary E (wife) May 1866, England, emigrated 1881, 5 children, 3 living; John W (son) December 1887, New Mexico; George H (son) November 1890, New Mexico; Isibell (daughter) September 1893, New Mexico;

Sy Betts see Francisco Abeita;

Sam Benny see Will Adams

FrankBlatink (Blatnik?) See (W?) Supen (Sufess sp?)

Len Bogardus (Boyardus sp?) November 1852, New York, carpenter; Mattie (wife) June 1864, Indiana, 5 children, 3 living; Roy (son) Sugust 1892, Colorado; Pearl (daughter) November 1894, Kansas; Annie (daughter) November 1897, Colorado; John Cross (boarder) July 1880, no place given; ThomasKent (boarder) September 1860, Virginia, Coal ovens boss.

Henry Bomba, May 1874, Mississippi, Coal miner; George Oliver (partner) February 1876, Mississippi, Coal miner;

Thomas Bomer, April 1849, Georgia, Station engineer fireman; Mattie (wife) August 1850, Georgia, married 27 years, 6 children, 4 living; Virgil (son) March 1874, Georgia, Coal Miner; Henry (son) June 1885, Tennessee, Mine brakeman; Willie (son) September 1889, Tennessee.

JimBoon, July 1855, New York, Lumberman; August Lacour (cook) March 1859, New York, Log camp cook; Bert Dudley (hand) October 1875m Iowa, Teamster; Cal Thomas (hand) September 1874, Missouri, Teamster;

George H Booth, June 1878, Virginia, Coal miner; Birtie (wife) February 1879, Kentucky, married less than 1 year, no children; George Parris (boarder) March 1867, Virginia, Miner.

B.B. Bossa, May 1843, Germany, emigrated 1867, Coal miner

Booker Boulder see A Evens;

Jackson Bowlware, June 1872, Missouri, Coal miner; Elizabeth (wife) July 1872, Missouri, 3 children, 1 living; Eva M (daughter) October 1895, Missouri; J. Leminy (Leming sp?) (boarder) August 1877, Arkansas, Coal miner.

Joseph Boyd, February 1870, England, emigrated 1883, Miner; Elizabeth (mother) (widow) February 1825, England, emigrated 1890, 8 children, 8 living.

J.H. Boydston see J.E. Smith;

J.H. Bratton, October 1860, Virginia, Alberta A (wife) December 1867; Alberta A. (wife) December 1862,   Virginia; Alpha  (daughter) April 1895, West Virginia; Huston C. (son) September 1896, Virginia; Bertrand (son) September 1899 West Virginia;

Charles Bridewell (Bradewell) August 1874, Mississippi, Book keeper; Gertrude D (wife) December 1876, Tennessee, married 4 years, 1 child, 1 living; Rose M (daughter) November 1896. Louisiana; Arther Dale (roomer) January 1872, England, Machinist; George Kadel (roomer) February 1877, Ohio, Draftsman; Burton Ulmer (roomer) April 1876, Alabama, Coal wayman; Stiles M Ulmer, June 1879, Alabama, Tipple ross; Ed W Ulmer (roomer), April 1873, Alabama, Store clerk; P.B. Smith (roomer) June 1874, Alabama, Coal wayman; Peter Schnell (roomer) April 1871, Missouri, Saloon manager;

Judson Briggs see Henry Orr 

Lee Broadenal, September 1859, North Carolina, Coal miner; Francis (wife) March 1878, Indian Territory; 1 child, 1 living;

Dave and NannieBrogh see Willard Gravley

R Brooks, April 1861, Tennessee, Coal miner; Chany (wife) August 1873, Alabama, married 4 years, 4 children, 2 living; Lizzie (daughter) June 1884, Alabama; Mary J (daughter) May 1887, Alabama; T.W. Wiliams (boarder) May 1856, South Carolina, Coal miner;  Walter Camel (boarder) July 1873, Georgia, Coal miner.

R. Brooks see Francisco Abeita;

Charlie Brown, July 1871, Georgia, Coal Miner

Henry Brown, February 1854, Kentucky, Miner

Oda Brown see W.D. Taylor

Thomas Brown, October 1860, England, emigrated 1893, Coal miner; Elizabeth (wife) June 1869, England, emigrated 1893, married 11 years, 4 children, 2 living; Elixander (son) October 1890, England, emigrated 1893; Eviline (daughter) March 1892, Colorado

IkeBruer see Enlie Lemly ;

Lucy Bruneli (widow) April 1853, Austria, Boarding House, 8 children, 5 living; Ernest (son) May 1879, Germany, Store clerk; Bruno (son) March 1881, Germany, Blacksmith; Rudolph (son) August 1883, Pennsylvania, Motorman; Rogger (son) July 1889, New Mexico; Elsie (daughter) March 1893, New Mexico; Erman (Herman) Reffardi (Rezzardi sp?) (boarder) July 1879, Italy, Mine brick layer.

George Burks, December 1874, Alabama, Coal Miner; Buck Greene (partner) July 1863, Virginia, Coal miner; John Tracy (partner) September 1874, Missouri, Coal miner;

Charlie Burls, March 1861, Ohio, Fireman station engineer; Laura (wife) May 1861, Missouri, married less than 1 year, 4 children, 1 living; Fred Cantibury (step son) September 1894, Colorado.

Wiliam Burns, December 1876, Virginia, Coal Miner

Clarey R Burton see Frank Kearney

Ed Burton, November 1862, West Virginia, Coal miner; Rufenia (wife) February 1876, Colorado, married 4 years, 3 children, none living; Henry Oddry (boarder) January 1875, no place given: Cleave Wiliam (boarder) February 1876, no place given.

Jim Butler see Francisco Abeita;

E.C.Button (Rutton sp?) August 1872, Iowa, Electrician; Mabel (wife) September 1879, Iowa, married less than 1 year, no children; Clifford Swank (boarder) no age or birth place given, Electrician; Orie Filman (mother in law) August 1843 (?) (widow) Iowa, 1 child, 1 living.


Numzie (Vumzie sp?) Cafarelli, June 1855, Italy, emigrated 1892, Coal Miner; Lewis (son) January 1883, Italy, emigrated 1894, pull coak at oven.

Lonzo Calley, July 1869, South Carolina, Miner; Mary (wife) August 1874, married 11 years, 4 children, 4 living; Eddie (son) September 1889, Arkansas, mine helper; Eugene (son) October 1896, Arkansas; Ira (daughter) october 1895, Arkansas; Timothy (son) November 1896, Arkansas;

Walter Camel see R. Brooks

John Cann, December 1860, England, emigrated 1886, Mine fire boss; Margret (wife) July 1862, England, married 22 years, 6 children, 4 living; Lizzie (daughter) October 1881, England; John (son) November 1886, England, Mamie (daughter) July 1890, Kansas.

Wiliam Cann, August 1878, England, Mine mail man; Maggie (wife) May 1881, England, married less than 1 year, no children.

Fred Cantibury see Charlie Burls

Elie Carlerman see John Mayer

George Carmichael, June 1872, New Jersey, Coal miner; Olive (wife) February 1871, English Canada, emigrated 1879, 1 child, 1 living; Ruth (daughter) September 1899, Indian territory.

Lewis Carrillo, May 1859, New Mexico, clumps coal; Estella (wife) July 1869, New Mexico, married 21 years, 8 children, 6 living; Burney (son) September 1883, New Mexico, Mine driver; Mary (daughter) October 1886, New Mexico, House maid; Rosendo (son) November 1888, New Mexico; Lupy (son) September 1891, New Mexico; Bessie (daughter) September 1893, New Mexico; Sarah (daughter) October 1892, New Mexico; Blas Trasbea (sp?) 1875, no place or occupation given.

Ike Carter, September 1878, Virginia, Coal miner; Mollie (wife) October 1880, Tennessee, married 2 years, no children; Willie (son) September 1887, Virginia,

Thomas Carter, October 1875, Alabama, Coal Miner; Vallie (wife) November 1875, Kentucky, 1 child, 1 living; Maybell E. (daughter) August 1899, Kentucky

F.M. Casey, February 1854, Arkansas, Tie maker; Louisa (wife) February 1858; Arkansas, married 24 years, 10 children, 7 living; Wiliam U (son) March 1881, Arkansas, Teamster; Armanda (daughter) December 1884, Missouri; Susie E (daughter) June 1886, Missouri; George W (son) April 1890; Maggie A (daughter) August 1893, Missouri

Charlie Chambers, February 1873, Ohio, Power house fireman; Cenie (wife) March 1879, Tenessee, 3 children, 3 living; Ruth (daughter) September 1899, New Mexico; Pansy LLove (stepdaughter) February 1897, Colorado.

Ruby Cheadnard see Will Adams

Joseph Chianali (Chranali sp?) July 1856, Italy, emigrated 1881, Shoe maker; Vicenza (wife) August 1865, Italy, emigrated 1897, married 3 years, 1 child, 1 living; Mary (daughter) January 1898, New Mexico; Mike Himonino (brother in law) december 1871, Italy, emigrated 1877, Coal miner; Louis Ruffo (adopted son) November 1883, Illinois, Coal miner.

Jose Chalez, December 1867, New Mexico, day laborer; Eutimia (wife) February 1868; New Mexico, married 15 years, no children.

Francisco Chavez, June 1865, New Mexico, Day laborer; Ysabel (wife) October 1873, New Mexico, married 8 years, 2 children, 2 living; Marenita (daughter) July 1893, New Mexico; Elisia (daughter) March 1895, New Mexico.

J.F. Churlly (Church sp?) see George Huntly

Antinie Cicane, March 1854, Italy, emigrated 1889, Coal Miner; Domenich Garcia (Farcia sp?) (partner) January 1871, Italy, emigrated 1899, Coal miner.

B. Clay see Charles Harbert

Della M Clements see D.B. Dugless 

Joe Clevland, July 1871, Alabama, Coal miner; Annie (wife) July 1871, Alabama, 3 children, 3 living; Susie (daughter) September 1887, Alabama; Willie (son) August 1889, Alabama; James (son) July 1891, Kansas.

Brice Clinkseels (Clinkscds sp?) March 1872, Missouri, Railroad engineer; Effie (wife) June  1879, Indian Territory, 2 children, 2 living; Carl (son) February 1898, Arizona; Maggie (daughter) September 1899, Arizona; G.L. Wright (sp?) (boarder) February 1868, Indiana, Coal miner.

Tim Colman see James Mead.

Harvy Cooper see Mary Russel

Vince Crigler see A Evens;

John Cross see Len Bogardus

Sam Culverson, July 1860, Tennessee, Coal miner; Jim Holland (partner) August 1851, Virginia, Coal miner;


Fritz Dahrens, June 1871, Germany, emigrated 1887, Farmer; Henry Sr.  (father) June 1832, Germany, emigrated 1887, farm laborer; Dora (nother) December 1839, Germany, emigrated 1887, 4 children, 3 living.  

Henry Dahrens, October 1864, Germany, emigrated 1887, Laborer; Essie O. (wife) March 1874, Ohio, married 7 years, 2 children, 2 living; Royal L. (son) August 1896, New Mexico; Mary E. (daughter) November 1899, New Mexico;

Arther Dale see Charles Bridewell

Birdie Damron see Laura Woodie 

Moses Dance, December 1849, Virginia, Coal miner; Annie (wife) October 1869, North Carolina, married 16 years, 7 children, 6 living; Lena (daughter) August 1885, North Carolina; Carrie (daughter) February 1883, North Carolina; Mary (daughter) April 1892, West Virginia; James W (son) June 1894, West Virginia; Eddie (son) July 1896, Oregon; Boda (daughter) October 1899, New Mexico; Ed H Harris (boarder) October 1871, Georgia, Coal miner; John Jones (boarder) May 1870, Texas, Coal miner.

M.D. Danial, February 1862, Georgia, Coal miner; Sam Jones (partner) September 188, Virginia, Coal Miner.

Henry Dargel, August 1850, Germany, emigrated 1887, Farmer; Dora M. (wife) September 1866, Germany, emigrated 1887, 5 children, 5 living; Edie D. (daughter) June 1890, New Mexico; Leona A. (daughter) Kansas; Leslie H. (son) April 1895, New Mexico; Mary E. (daughter) June 1897, New Mexico; Martha A (daughter) November 1899, New Mexico.

Lee Davis, February 1878, Tennessee, coal miner;

Mary Davis See Ed Willis

Thomas Daw, April 1851, England, emigrated 1880, Miner; Elizabeth (wife) June 1855, England, emigrated 1880, 12 children, 12 living; William H. (son) June 1879, England, emigrated 1880, Miner; Hurbet E. (son) February 1885, Kansas, Miner; George M. (son) September 1886, Kansas; Alferd E. (son) June 1887, New Mexico; Sidney E (son) October 1889, New Mexico; Elizabeth (daughter) November 1891, New Mexico; Ray C (son) July 1893, New Mexico; Russel C (son) October 1895, New Mexico; Minnie M (daughter) May 1898, Colorado.

Elexander and Antonio Dealesantro  see Ralph Lucco

Pilar Decrera (sp?) July 1876, New Mexico, Coal miner; Minie (wife) August 1879, New Mexico, 7 children, 2 living; Fred Martinez (step son) February 1888, New Mexico; Pacifio Martinez (step son) September 1892, New Mexico.

Baltosa Dedaro (Pedaro sp?), March 1844, Italy, emigrated 1896, Miner; Maddilane (wife) october 1853, italy, emigrated 1896, 6 children, 5 living; Joe (son) January 1884, France, emigrated 1896, Miner; John (son) January 1886, France, emigrated 1896; Peter (son) June 1888, Italy, emigrated 1896; Mirinena (sp?) (daughter) February 1894, Italy, emigrated 1896;

Orra Delany (Delong sp?) August 1872, Illinois, machinist

Primo Delbelle, August 1872, Italy, Coalminer;

Antonio Delisse, December 1869, Italy, emigrated 1889, Day laborer; Carl Selverta (partner) September 1852, Italy, emigrated 1897, Day laborer; JoePateri (partner) may 1847, Italy, emigrated 1884, pull coal;

Frank Della Peazza, March 1869, Italy, emigrated 1894, Coal miner; Mary (wife) April 1872, Italy, emigrated 1894, married 7 years, 3 children, 3 living; Gabel (son) 1894, Pennsylvania; Clarris (daughter) October 1896, Pennsylvania; Iola (daughter) January 1899, New Mexico;  Angelo Arginta (Aryinta sp?) (brother in law) February 1870, Italy, emigrated 1892, Coal miner;  Joe Arginta (Aryinta sp?) (brother in law) June 1878, Italy, emigrated 1894, Coal miner;  Lorance Arginta (Aryinta sp?) (brother in law) January 1872, Italy, emigrated 1895, Coal miner; Gallio Mazzarith (boarder) November 1870, Italy, emigrated 1893, coal miner.  

Orra Delong (Delany sp?) August 1872, Illinois, machinist

Robert and William Denison see Mathew Arkle

Ira Denton see H. C. Norman

Jennie Derke (Decke sp?) (widow) December 1849, Missouri, 4 children, 1 living, washerwoman; Marshel Robinson (boarder) Nivember 1841, Virginia, Coal Miner.  

Jack Dillon, March 1864, Scotland, emigrated 1889, Coal miner; Hanah (wife) March 1859, Wales, emigrated 1882, 6 children, 5 living; May (daughter) March 1895, Tennessee; John (son) December 1899, New Mexico; James Loyd (step son) August 1882, Pennsylvania, mine driver; Lizzie Loyd (step daughter) December 1885, Pennsylvania; Edith Loyd (step daughter) August 1888, Pennsylvania.

A.L. Don, November 1863, Illinois,Traction engineer; Mary (wife) August 1869, Maine, 3 children, 3 living; Carl (step son) April 1890, Colorado; Inez (step daughter) March 1892, Colorado;

Prelela Donato, August 1872, Italy, emigrated 1885, pulls coak at ovens; Lucy (wife) February 1877, Italy, emigrated 1899, married 10 years, 1 child, 1 living; Joe (son) September 1897, Italy; Charls Mardile (boarder) September 1897, Italy, emigrated 1897, pulls coak at oven.

Ed Dotson (Patson sp?) see Sam Heron;

Thomas Dougherty, August 1872, England, emigrated 1893, Stationary engineer; Margret (wife) November 1878, Scotland, emigrated 1893 (?), married 5 years, 2 children, 1 living; John T. (son) September 1896, Choctaw nation.

Alexander Douglas, August 1850, Scotland, emigrated 1880, Store manager,

J.C. Drive, December 1872, Alabama, Book keeper; Pearl (wife) October 1880, Alabama, married 9 years, 1 child, 1 living; John C (son) May 1899, Alabama.

S.A. Driver, February 1868, Alabama, Coal miner; Mary (wife) May 1868, West Virginia, married 2 years, no children; Thomas Spragins (roomer) September 1856, Alabama, Marshall; D. Evens (roomer) June 1865, Alabama, Coal Contractor.

Bert Dudley see Jim Boon;

Denis Duglas, July 1855, North Carolina, Coal miner; Rose A (wife) April 1880, Alabama, 2 children, 1 living;

D.B. Dugless, July 1858, Tennessee, Hospital chief physician; Della M Clements, July 1870, Pennsylvania, Hospital nurse; Andrew Shields (patient) July 1875, Pennsylvania, Coal miner;  R. W. Henderson (patient) May 1874, Pennsylvania, Coal miner;

Eddie Duncan see Joe Murry


John Easter, September 1876, Virginia, Coal miner; Callie (wife) March 1880, Virginia, no children; John Robinson (boarder) April 1864, Virginia.

Robert Ellis (Eller sp?) December 1849, Virginia, Coal miner; G Fitzgerald (partner) December 1869, Virginia, Day laborer;

Irah English see Sarah Shields

A. Evens, August 1880, Virginia, Coalminer; Sarah (wife) July 1881, Alabama, married less than 1 year; Fil Wier (boarder) September 1878, Virginia, Coal miner; Vince Crigler (Criyler sp?) May 1881, Missouri, mine helper; Laid Robinson (boarder) September 1888, Tennessee; Booker Boulder (boarder) August 1881, Coal Miner; Wil Robinson (boarder) November 1878, Alabama, Coal miner;

D.Evens see S.A. Driver

D. Evens see H. C. Norman

John Evoans, September 1871, Alabama, Coal miner; P.J. Sheddy (partner) 1870, Pennsylvania.


George Felaps see William J Smith

E.H. Fields, March 1874, Virginia, Day Laborer; Annie (wife) September 1882, Illinois, married 2 years, no children;

John Fields see Henry Miller

Orie Filman see E.C. Button

Mary Finen see Hilario Fisher

Hilario (Hiturio sp?) Fisher, March 1890, New Mexico, Miner; Escalastica (wife) February 1873, Colorado, 1 child, 1 living; Mary Finen (stepdaughter) May 1888, New Mexico.

G Fitzgerald see Robert Ellis (Eller sp?)

S. Fleimyin see H. C. Norman

Charlie Fleming, June 1872, Texas, Sechand (?); May (Maes sp?) (wife) May 1875, Nebraska, 4 children, 3 living; Willie (son) November 1892, Texas; Chester (son) June 1895, Texas; May (daughter) July 1899, Chicasaw.

Berry Fook See Mose Irmun (Inman sp?)

Joe Frances see Francisco Abeita;

Joe Freman See Ed Willis

Tom Freman see Lena Kefford

Frank Frey see Delbert Martin

Clarance Fry see Jose M Vigil;