Gävleborg County, Sweden Genealogy

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Image of county shield here.


Information about when the county was created. Geographical location, what Landskap it belongs to, and the neighboring counties in context to family history research.

The letter county code for Gävleborg is: X


  • Databases for Gävleborg Research
  • Gazetteers
  • Genealogical Societies
  • Handwriting Examples
  • Maps
  • Gävleborg Word List


Gävleborg has Tingslags instead of Härads. Through the years there has been a lot of variation in the Tingslag organization in Gävleborg. Because of this, the Tinglsag information is found on the parish pages instead of here. Click on the parish you need in the table below.


  • (Latest news for research in Gävleborg here)


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