Fulton County, Illinois Genealogy

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Fulton County, Illinois
Map of Illinois highlighting Fulton County
Location in the state of Illinois
Map of the U.S. highlighting Illinois
Location of Illinois in the U.S.
Founded: January 28, 1823
County Seat Lewiston
Fulton County Courthouse.gif
Photo courtesy Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Illinois State Archives
Address Fulton County Courthouse
100 N. Main
Lewistown, Illinois 61542
(309) 547-3041
Fulton County Website

United States Gotoarrow.png IllinoisGotoarrow.png Fulton County

County Organization

Fulton County's civil records start the following years:

Beginning Dates for Fulton County Records
Birth Marriage Death Census Land Probate
1878 1824 1878 1830 1817 1827

County records are most often kept at the County Courthouse or another local repository. For further information about where the records for Fulton County are kept, see the Fulton County Courthouse page.

Historical Facts

Robert Fulton - Circle of Thomas Sully.jpg
Fulton County was named for Robert Fulton who is credited for developing the first success steamboat on American waters.

Boundary Changes

  • 1823--Fulton County was created 28 January 1823 from Pike [1]

Record Loss

Records and Resources



Gotoarrow.png Find A Grave, list of cemeteries. Additional information can be found at local level (city, township, etc.)


For information and tips on accessing census records online, see Illinois Census.

Historical populations
Census Pop.
IL Counties 1900-1990
1840 Pensioners
  • A Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services: With their Names, Ages, and Places of Residence, as Returned by the Marshalls of the Several Judicial Districts, Under the Act for Taking the Sixth Census. Washington, D.C., 1841. FHL 973 X2pc 1840; FHL 2321; digital version at Google Books. [See Illinois, Fulton County on page 186.]

Church Records

Court Records

  • 1824–1923 Circuit Court record, ChanceryIRAD–WIU
  • 1825–1876 Circuit court case files IRAD–WIU
  • 1835–1926 Circuit Court record, Common lawIRAD–WIU
  • 1849–1917 County Court RecordIRAD–WIU
  • 1852–1914 Circuit court index IRAD–WIU
  • 1853–1925 Circuit court extra-jurisdictional transcripts IRAD–WIU
  • 1858–1961 Justice of the Peace DocketsIRAD–WIU
  • 1859–1890 Justice's transcript record IRAD–WIU
  • 1869–1938 Circuit Court record, criminalIRAD–WIU
  • 1871–1924 Circuit court case files, criminal IRAD–WIU
  • 1872–1905 County Court Record, CriminalIRAD–WIU
  • 1889–1957 Canton: City Court Record, Common LawIRAD–WIU
  • 1893–1955 Insanity DocketsIRAD–WIU
  • 1893–1923 Canton: City Court Record, ChanceryIRAD–WIU
  • 1898–1899 Parole RecordIRAD–WIU
  • 1901–1932 County Court IndexIRAD–WIU
  • 1917–1934 Dependent and Delinquent Children RecordIRAD–WIU
  • 1935–1955 Insanity RecordIRAD–WIU
  • 1946–1958 Feeble-Minded DocketsIRAD–WIU

Circuit Court


  • Prairie Farmers Reliable Directory. Illinois, USA: Prairie Farmers Publishing Company, 1917. Ancestry ($). Covers Fulton County.

Ethnic Research

African American

The following have information concerning African American research.



  • Portrait and Biographical Album of Fulton County, Illinois: Containing Full Page Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens of the County: Together with Portraits and Biographies of All the Presidents of the United States, and Governors of the State. Chicago: Biographical Pub. Co., 1890. Digital versions at Ancestry ($); Genealogy Trails; Internet Archive.
  • Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Fulton County. Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1908, c1905. Digital version at Ancestry ($)

Land and Property



  • General
  • 1862–1865 Military Discharge CertificatesIRAD–WIU
  • Civil War
    Civil War service men from Fulton County served in various regiments. Men often joined a company (within a regiment) that originated in their county. Listed below are companies or regiments that were formed from men of Fulton County.
- 28th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company H
- 50th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company F.
- 55th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Companies A and D.
- 70th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company D.
- 72nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company I.
- 84th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Companies B and F.
- 85th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Companies B, F, G, H and I.
- 97th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company C.


  • 1839–1952 Naturalization Certificate Card File IRAD–WIU
  • 1855–1906 Naturalization Papers IRAD–WIU
  • 1859–1892 Naturalization Record, Final IRAD–WIU
  • 1859–1892 Naturalization Index Card File IRAD–WIU
  • 1859–1954 Naturalization Record Index IRAD–WIU
  • 1860–1905 Naturalization Index Card File IRAD–WIU
  • 1860–1906 Naturalization Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1865–1885 Naturalization Record of Soldiers and Minors IRAD–WIU
  • 1892–1906 Canton: Naturalization RecordIRAD–WIU
  • 1894–1943 Canton: Naturalization Declarations of IntentIRAD–WIU
  • 1906–1948 Naturalization Declarations of Intent IRAD–WIU
  • 1907–1947 Canton: Naturalization Petition RecordIRAD–WIU
  • 1907–1954 Naturalization petition record IRAD–WIU
  • 1908–1947 Naturalization Certificate Stubs IRAD–WIU
  • 1910–1947 Naturalization Correspondence Files IRAD–WIU
  • 1929–1955 Naturalization Order Books IRAD–WIU
  • 1929–1947 Canton: Naturalization Order BooksIRAD–WIU



Poor House records

Probate Records

  • 1827–1933 Probate Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1827–1922 Probate Case Files IRAD–WIU
  • 1827–1963 Probate Case Files Index IRAD–WIU
  • 1828–1924 Probate Will Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1837–1922 Probate Case Files, Guardians IRAD–WIU
  • 1837–1991 Probate Guardian's and Conservator's Case Files Index IRAD–WIU
  • 1843–1923 Probate Inventory Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1855–1922 Probate Conservator's Case Files IRAD–WIU
  • 1859–1923 Probate Executor's Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1859–1926 Probate Guardian's Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1859–1924 Probate Administrator's Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1870–1934 Insanity and Conservator's Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1872–1923 Probate Guardian's Report Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1894–1934 Probate Widow's Relinquishment and Selection Record IRAD–WIU
  • 1902–1904 Probate Minutes IRAD–WIU


  • County Courthouse

County records are most often kept at the County Courthouse or another local repository. For further information about where the records for Fulton County are kept, see the Fulton County Courthouse page.

  • Family History Center
  • Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD-WIU)

For information and tips, see IRAD-Western Illinois University.

  • Public Libraries

School records

  • 1914–1928 School teacher's daily registers IRAD–WIU


Social Groups Online


Vital Records


  • 1902–1906 Birth and Death Reporting Accounts IRAD–WIU



Web Sites


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