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  • On Friday 9 May 2008 a beginning was made with a unique project to digitize the Frisian records. The first images will be of the civil registration of the municipality Littenseradiel. The goal is for all the registers of the Frisian municipalities to become available on


Fryslân or Friesland
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The capital city of Fryslân is Ljouwert (Leeuwarden). See: Ljouwert (Leeuwarden)

For Geographical and Historical information see: Fryslân (Friesland)

The 1984 Guinness Book of Records credits the Frisian flag as dating from the 9th century.

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Getting started with Fryslân or Friesland research

“That all Frisians would be fully free, the born and the unborn, so long as the wind blows from heaven and the child cries, grass grows green and flowers bloom, as far as the sun rises and the world stands.”   

From a 12th century law text

Jurisdictions in Fryslân or Friesland

Researchers who need to search the Civil Registration records (records after 1811) in Friesland need to use the records of the appropriate municipalities. 

The Church records are generally found in the local towns. 

Research Tools

A great web-site for genealogical research is: Tresoar. AlleFriezen also covers genealogy in various municipalities in Friesland. Includes original images and the ability to search for multiple people in the same record.


Especially in the period between 1880 and 1920, many people left Friesland to find a new home in the United States. Many of them settled in Michigan, although quite a few ended up in other states such as New York or Wisconsin.

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Did you know?

In Fryslân you will often come across the name Anne, but understand that this is a male person! It is pronounced 'Onne.' The English equivalent is Andrew or Andy. The female name is Anna or Antje.

Things you can do

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